What a week for the Living Beauties!

Nicole, Alisa, Gemma and Grace

I have had a great week as I have had the opportunity to be a proud mum to Nicole, Gemma, Alisa and Grace who all competed last Saturday at the INBA Bodybuilding competition.

They competed in Sports Model and gained placings that were not only fantastic but a testament to their hard work!

We now are full steam ahead prepping for their next show which is NABBA on the 7th May.

Everyone always says they would be interested in competing but do not have the dedication. Dedication, Discipline and Determination is something that is learned and builds over time. If you want it bad enough you can do it. You need a good structured plan with lots of nutrient dense food, a great support network of friends and/or family and you also could be on stage!

I have also started a new program, Living Beauty Cleanse Program which is essentially a Juicing cleanse for two days. If you are interested in this as a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle just email amelia@livingbeauty.com.au

I would also like to thank Helen and Bridget for helping me at the Living Beauty trade stand last Saturday!

Helen, Bridget and Amelia

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love and Light

Amelia xx

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