Tips for Corporate Health Warriors – Want to Get Lean like Living Beauty Katrina?

If you work in the corporate world you know how hard it can be to keep moving, have good posture at your desk, drink enough water between meetings and avoid the constant stream of unhealthy options placed right at your fingertips.

Is it the caffeine habit? the colleagues birthday cake? or temptation of charity chocolates in the lunch room? Or, Maybe it is the pressure to attend drinks rather than choosing a gym workout? Let’s face it the corporate world does not make it easy to be healthy, you really have to go against the grain if you work in an office. Today I share the story of corporate Manager Katrina and her journey to the competition stage for the Perth INBA, May 18th 2013.

Katrina Lewis
Living Beauty Sports Model Package (20 weeks)
December 2012 – May 2013

Katrina Lewis INBA Competition Perth May 2013

Katrina Lewis
INBA Competition
Perth May 2013

I had a great time at my competition and ended up getting called up for the line up against those competitors that placed. The competitors that placed were all quite experienced, in fact eight of the ten in my division had previously competed many times before. I ended up placing 6th. It was a very busy night with over 140 competitors (40 in the four bikini divisions alone!) and approximately 700+ spectators.

The whole reason I decided to compete was for me.  I was so inspired after seeing a friend compete last September following the birth of her second child and I felt that I really had no excuse!  I accept that I might not ever be the leanest or have the best figure, but I also appreciate that many of the other competitors work in the fitness industry full time whereas I work 10+ hour days in an office with lots of travel and I do my best with training given my work commitments.

Katrina, third from left.

Katrina, third from left.

Having this goal has committed me to finding a work/life balance, which was pretty much non-existent over the previous 12 months. I’m still leaving the house at 6.30am and getting home at 7.30 – 8pm but at least a few hours of those are now dedicated to training.

Thank you so much for your guidance and support. While I might not have been your most successful clients on stage, I am definitely one of your most appreciative. You’ve given me the support and sometimes even hard love when I’ve needed it, particularly when I thought I would give up. Whilst I live interstate, your straight forth and back to basics approach is what appealed to me and why I wanted to work with you online rather than someone locally.

I intend to keep on eating clean and planning and preparing my food, not treating my nutrition as a second thought.  A highlight of my weekends is now visiting the different farmers markets around Perth and trying their local seasonal produce.  I think the last five months have also made me quite acutely aware of how different foods make me feel and affect my training.  I can’t believe that I used to think feeling lethargic and bloated was ‘normal’!

Katrina, backstage at Perth INBA Competition

Katrina, backstage at Perth INBA Competition

Will I compete again? Maybe. I’ll enjoy a little downtime for the moment!

The last five months have definitely been a journey and I have learned a few things:

1 – I will never rely on scales alone to indicate the state of my body’s condition. My weight on the scales only changed a couple of kgs in the last five months but I am as lean as I was back in 2009 when I was about seven kgs lighter from stress.

2 – Work/life balance is very important. Having a goal such as training to ensure you to leave work at a reasonable time each day is healthy for you and your work.

3 – Pre-planning and preparing meals yourself is an investment in your health and longevity. Not only is it more affordable but you know everything that goes into your food. Keep food simple and take advantage of local farmers markets and their seasonal produce.

4 – Having great, supportive friends and family around you is important to keep you on track.

5 – I will always love and eat chocolate,  in moderation as a treat.

What am amazing journey from Katrina, I hope this inspires many people!

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Love and Light

Amelia x o

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