Reflecting on the Year 2010!

9th of October, 2010 was a goal of mine to compete at the INBA Australian Titles in Sports Model, and at this stage I am not going to be there doing the show. If I said I was not disappointed I would be lying. But when I think of all that I have achieved this year the disappointment fades into the back ground.

The reasons are that I am focusing my time and passion on the nine girls I am prepping nationally for shows and this very time consuming. It is also very rewarding and I would not have it any other way. Hey there are going to be 9 Living Beauty girls on stage, not just one!

Sports Model is a category which I chose because of my passion for integrating Fitness and Beauty. Anyone who says Sports Model is less work, or is a category for beginners, does not prepare for Sports Model like I do. I like to step on stage at about 15% BF and always aim to improve my look from the previous year. This is also the standard I set for my clients! I believe this category will only grow over the next 5 years and am a proud supporter of this which is evidenced as I put my money where my mouth is and I sponsor all the federations. I don’t have a big business, so it is hard financially but I am committed to the growth of the sport by being a sponsor.

For those who know me I have competed in five shows at state and national level and I have been a fitness instructor and trainer for 15 years. I completed my qualifications at 17 years of age and was one of the first Les Mills instructors in Australia, Directed my own Yoga school and I now have a business called Living Beauty. I also have a Marketing career and so I work two jobs as well as managing my home , as I love my homemaking!

Working with Team Living Beauty is incredibly rewarding as I know I am giving them the skills for life. I design their programs individually with nutrient dense foods including a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats so they are healthy. I am also training them to be body proud and have a good self esteem and I tell them that the competition is a great achievement, but not the be all and end all in life. There are all so positive and they all have their feet firmly on the ground and are professional people with so much in their lives.

I cannot mention all individuals, but when I look at each one of my clients, I am so proud of them and what they do in their careers, their roles as mothers and wives and in general their outlook on life and gratitude for being part of our close knit Living Beauty Team. My clients are not just competitors they are training for many different reasons. You do not have to get on stage to have your best body ever! The girls I train look good all year round, competing or not!

Right now we are getting to the business end of the shows – We are tirelessly working on posing classes and all the girls beauty appointments, bikini’s, evening wear and sportswear are arranged. I also set them all a goal to enter the Oxygen covergirl competition and I really think they have a shot at getting on the cover.

So there are so many good times ahead. I cannot wait for the Marketing Award results, Fitness show results and Oxygen Cover girl results. Apart from this I am bouncing off the walls with energy and feel like I am finally beating the Chronic Fatigue I have been fighting since 2007. Life is pretty amazing really, and when I do decide to compete again I will provided my audience the wow factor. I do not like to do things half way, when I get on stage I want to blow people away! And, when they ask how I did it, I will be happy to share all my secrets to health and happiness.

Small steps of continuous improvement is my aim, in this day and age we want everything yesterday. I have decades to complete my goals and I will continue to keep goal setting for many years ahead! I hope to be teaching Yoga classes up until I am 100 years of age. My great grandmother lived to 97 and she still did yoga, went walking and drank her “8 glasses of water” daily. That is my aim to live a long and happy life and be thankful for every day!

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