How to Gain Energy & Overcome Tiredness!

Amelia Ricci

Hey we are all “Tired & Stressed” sometimes, but what can we do to change and be more energetic this brand new year of 2013?

As someone who has battled Chronic Fatigue from 2007 – 2010 I have been through some hard times, but learned a lot from my challenges and today I feel great!
OK not EVERY day, but the vast majority of the time I am energetic, this is because I CHANGED what I was doing.

I overcame Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue and have written a checklist below to help you.
Have a read and start to implement. Remember you are in charge of your life, you choose your own actions each and every day!

Analyse your work day habits
– do you really need to work that many hours every day? You are probably wasting some of this time and could be more effective.
(Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, and the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris – some absolute gems!) I’m personally loving the MEDIA FAST (switching off from checking email etc.), and other advice like: “When you have something important to do… DO NOT check email FIRST THING in the morning, do your most important task first!”
– Can you work less and earn less (and therefore you will need to spend less)?
– Drink adequate water.
– Ensure you have good posture and alignment at work (especially if seated at a desk).
– Get up and walk in your lunch break – even around the block and breathe deeply
(Did you know Yogi’s live many more years than the average person due to deep breathing, called PRANAYAMA – yeah that’s one of the eight words I have tattooed down my spine in sanskrit!!).

Helen, Bridget and Amelia
All Smiles at the INBA Bodybuilding show
An old photo but great memory!

– Get rid of sugar (ok …you can have it occasionally!!).
– Get rid of ALL artificial sweeteners FOREVER.
– Eat plenty of fresh veggies – Green is Good!
– Seriously limit caffeine and only have it prior to 12noon (this includes coffee and black tea). My benchmark is no more than 2 per day.
– Do not take ANY supplements containing guarana or caffeine. Ask WHY you need them? You should be able to train using your own natural energy. Yes I have tried many of them on the market in my fitness career and can honestly say my best workouts have been when I am rested, fuelled up on good food and hydrated with water – plus it SAVES MONEY!!!
– Eat 4-6 small meals a day including protein, carbs and fat (balance your macros!!).

Schedule rest and recovery
– Days off the gym (1 or 2 per week minimum).
(Muscle grows when the body has time to repair and recover).
– Change your training schedule often, like every 6-8 weeks.
– Yoga and Pilates for flexibility and core stability.
– Reading useful books (Motivation, goal setting, work effectiveness). Positive books in general changed my life and made me more knowledgeable!! – not just to be Super Smart (joke!!) but to be able to help myself be better each day, each month, each year!).
– Meditation (OK… I am bad at this, but have done two YOGA retreats in Bali, where I did it daily for one hour at a time = WIN!!).
– Massage (Sports Massage is great to disperse lactic acid and get rid of muscle adhesion).
– Epsom Salts baths.
– Saying no to unnecessary extra tasks or commitments (be polite but firm).

– Your relationships (de-friend toxic or annoying people, don’t be mean… just see them occasionally – kinda like sugar!! ha ha).
– Simplify your finances.
– Simplify your workout schedule.
– Batch tasks such as cooking protein or cutting veggies, washing clothes and cleaning (saves a lot of time).
– Create a weekly schedule and try to cut down random time wasting activity (e.g. internet surfing for no reason, excessive social media, time with draining people, useless reading, gossiping etc).

Create a Sleep Routine
I know a bit about this I went to a course run by a University Professor who studies sleep.
I learned a LOT!!!
– Electronic shut down minimum 1 hour before bed (includes TV) – electronic devices omit light into your eyes interrupting the bodys circadian rhythm.
– Drink calming herbal tea – like Valerian, or Sleepy Time – 2 hours before bed.
– Eat 2 or 3 hours prior to sleep – You don’t want to be digesting when trying to sleep. And, make sure you have adequate protein and veggies at dinner so you are satisfied for fullness and nutrients.
– Gentle stretching one hour before bed.

Living Beauty Team
September 2010
Amelia with dark hair (short lived, I am blonde!!)
Excellent memories, great team!

Take Home Messages

The biggest mistake I made was trying to always do more: working full time and over time, training at the gym, teaching 10 classes per week of yoga and pilates, cooking, cleaning, pleasing everyone by saying yes to everything family, friends and work mates. I made  realised that aiming for ACCEPTABLE rather than PERFECTION is best for me ! In my old LIFE I was the LOSER and it was MY FAULT as I made those decisions. I resented being so busy and did not enjoy the pace.

Now I write goals and regularly re-assess what is important, I have simplified my life. LIFE is not a race or a competition to do as much as possible. Remember Life is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION. And, SUCCESS is doing the correct actions on your path to achieve what is UNIQUELY IMPORTANT TO YOU!

How to CHANGE: Start with your thinking and positive actions will follow

Take responsibility for every path your life takes. You can make yourself happy and empower yourself to make daily positive decisions (a great book I have enjoyed reading is The Power is Within You – Louise Hay).

Life is not all about pleasure. Happiness and being on a high are part of a cycle of various different emotions. Successful people understand that whether you feel, sad, happy, angry, calm or any other emotion, it is part of life. It is just an emotion, don’t let it control your actions. Understand that successful, happy people face problems and challenges. There is no one in the world that is immune from problems and challenges.

You can plan your own happy, successful path. Your goals and definition of happiness is UNIQUE. As long as you are on the path to achieve a goal or be a better version of yourself, you should be happy, it is a journey not a destination. Small steps of continuous improvement should be the measure of success, there is no end point.

Never be jealous of someone else, everyone is unique and special – there is enough success for everyone. Success and happiness is defined differently by each person, no two people are exactly the same.

An excellent book I have read lately:
The Art of Deliberate Success
Dr David Keane

You are an individual, do what is AUTHENTICALLY YOUR DREAM, INVENT your successful future. And just be the BEST version of YOU!

Amelia and Gemma
Featured in Oxygen Magazine
Jan/Feb 2013 issue

I wish you improved health and wellbeing for 2013.

Love and Light
Amelia x o

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