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What makes you unable to rid yourself of old habits you would like to change? What you think leads to how you feel and behave. Therefore changing your daily thought patterns and internal “self talk” can change your life!

Sometimes you need to appreciate the small stuff in life, and see how truly lucky you are. Start a new way of thinking and see how you feel and act! You will love the changes and gain a new positive outlook.

Here is a new way to look at your life: Your life is great, you might find it boring or repetitive, but that’s because you have lost positivity in the daily grind. Find joy in small things, a smile or hug from a friend, a warm cup of herbal tea, the fact that nothing bad has happened to you lately or the simple fact that you can accomplish anything you desire in future.

Positive affirmation: “The best is yet to come. My mind and body are constantly developing and I am excited for my future” – Amelia Ricci

Life is what you make it! As long as you are willing to plan your goals and work hard for them, anything is possible. And that’s why we share the stories of the girls we train at Living Beauty.

Love your life and appreciate the small things, keep it simple –  there are NO LIMITS!

Today I have interviewed Gemma as a first part of several blogs. We will start with some great stories of girls we trained!! Will these girls inspire your own change? Can they inspire you to think positive and reach for your own unique goals? I asked the questions, Gemma has answered using her words of wisdom.

Assistant Coach Gemma – Helping Women Achieve Thier Goals

Fatima Ingles – 12 week preparation for The All Female Muscle Classic – 23rd June, 2013, and ANB (SA) competition 2nd June, 2013
(Also trained with Living Beauty throughout 2012 for competitions and has helped during Living Beauty fundrising initiatives for Childhood Cancer)

Fatima Ingles Trained by June 2013

Fatima Ingles
Trained by
June 2013

When training Fatima (a busy mum of three boys) for her comp prep what was a challenge she faced and what words of wisdom did you give her, to help over come this?
– Challenge during the prep was school holidays! Could only imagine… However Fatima is such a dedicated and passionate mum she took this all in her stride and smashed it out when the boys went back to school.

What do you consider Fatima’s best body part and what were the top two weights exercises you programmed for her to highlight these muscle groups?
– Fatima has amazing and natural beauty. This is a real stand out. She also has great abs and legs. I tried to make the training plan I wrote for her in the middle of her prep more functional and also great for muscle building which allowed her to not only reach her goals on stage but also continue to keep her on track to hit some of the goals she spoke about when she approached Living Beauty for this prep.

What is the best thing about Fatima’s personality or mind set and how did this benefit her during her prep?
– Fatima is humble and hardworking. These allow her to just get on with the plans we give her. I loved her questions as I think it’s neccessary to know the whys, and then she always followed to the letter. It makes it very rewarding as a coach to see a client really take on what you tell them as we really do believe in their goals and we have provided them all the tools to achieve what they set out to do.

Amanda Casey – 20 week preparation for the INBA (SA) Competition, 21st April 2013.
(Amanda also trained with Living Beauty throughout 2012)

Amanda Casey Trained by 2012 and 2013

Amanda Casey
Trained by
2012 and 2013

Amanda is a Police Officer, who is constantly on the go and does shift work.
What were your words of wisdom to Amanda to help her through this busy time simultaneously preparing for a competition plus moving house and working?

Amanda did have a back issue at the start of the program and this was brought on in part from wearing a belt of about 8 kilos of equipment as she works as a police officer. However we were able to work with Amanda and the tips from the medical practitioner to continue to guide her to reach her goal. These things happen and the clients health and well being is No.1. Fixing issues early allows them to continue working and helps their long term training. I would never sacrifice their health for a comp. I also knew from experience that if we stick to the food plan – amazing results can be achieved and she’d come back stronger.

Confidence is an issue for all first time competitors, what were two key points you suggested to Amanda to help her overcome the nerves for her first show?
For all competitors there are nerves – first comp or not! You set a goal and people think it’s just training and diet that gets you on stage. NO. Training and diet get you a hot body but we need to be able to show it off – classy, Living Beauty style. Amanda was able to attend posing and walking classes held by Living Beauty for her. Amanda was to practice in those heels in her own time too to ensure when comp day came around she could just nail it. And she did!

I was also lucky enough to be on stage when she was about to walk out, Amelia, was judging, seated front of stage – so with us both there. I am sure this would have been a comfort to Amanda.

And finally, you have recently competed yourself at the ANB Asia Pacific Championships on the Gold Coast.


Gemma's great look for the WNBF Nationals!

Gemma Dawson

I am sure everyone would love to know:
What is your favorite exercise to tone the butt?

GLUTES! Well as I sit on it all day there are many favourites:
I like heavy good form deadlifts – normal and stiff legged
I also do proper squats for the butt and quads
Box Jumps are also amazing… 20-24″ box
Sprints – on an oval or stretch of road

Gemma Dawson ANB Asia Pacific Gold Coast Competition June 2013

Gemma Dawson
ANB Asia Pacific Gold Coast Competition June 2013

photo (7) (480x640) photo (8) (480x640)

Are your abs made in the kitchen, what are your fave foods leading up to a competition?
Same as what I always eat –
Good proteins – like turkey, chicken, beef and eggs
Carbs – oats, sweet potato, heaps of colourful veg and mix it up with fresh herbs, spices. Fruit like blueberries, banana, kiwi and grapefruits.
Fats – nuts, coconut oil

Amelia Oxygen Magazine Shoot June 2013

Oxygen Magazine Shoot
June 2013

Final word from Amelia: Competition preparation is a great goal, but understand to compete in bodybuilding/Fitness or Bikini Model category – you need MUSCLE – start training with weights and eat well to begin your journey! And, it is also important to have a coach who helps you transition back to normal life after the show……

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Love and Light

Amelia x o

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