Get a head start this summer on your Bikini Body!

I am really excited to bring you my “4 week bikini body” e-book which is a complete mindset, training and nutrition overhaul.

The book is a kick start program so that you can learn to implement all of my principles. You will feel more energetic than you have in years and learn how to keep these healthy habits for life.

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The program includes nutrition and training – but most importantly details my lifestyle principles that are sustainable for busy women. The 4 week bikini body program is achievable for busy women, because it includes all my tips, collected over 20 years in the fitness industry. I have also tested the program on a diverse group of women.

What my clients said….

I thought this was a fantastic program, and especially enjoyed the fitness component.

I was always more of a ‘fitness class’ person and I thought I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do the exercises at home. I was wrong!

Your ‘at home’ exercises were simple and effective, and being a busy mum I could squeeze them in without having to get dressed up or worrying whether my husband would be home to look after the kids. I liked that the exercises weren’t the same each day so it didn’t get boring. I also liked that I didn’t have to feel guilty about snacking in between the meals and I loved your recipes.

The 4 week bikini body program has inspired me to change my habits and begin a new health and fitness quest.

Carla, Novelist and Mother of twins aged 16 months
4 week bikini body client, SA

The 4 week bikini body program helped me to realise how simple it is to lose weight by eating nutritious meals that nurture your body and exercising as little as 30-45 minutes a day.

I can’t believe the difference in my body and I no longer feel bloated or sluggish. I have so much energy. Losing almost 3kg in 4 weeks was the ideal kick start and motivation to continue on and incorporate the bikini body nutrition principles on my long term weight loss journey for my wedding day in a few months. Thank you so much Amelia.

Cara, Marketing Manager and Bride to be
4 week bikini body client, SA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 4 week bikini body program Amelia has delivered and the lifestyle changes that I have achieved have been enormous. For me, this program was about improvement in overall wellbeing and energy levels, I feel fitter, stronger and brighter than I have in years. I look forward to maintaining the good habits I have learned.

Michelle Christie, Company Director
4 week bikini body client, SA

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The 4 week bikini body program is for busy women and will change the way you view health and fitness.

Amelia Ricci Chosen by INBA as the ideal Bikini Body in 2007 (5 years of competing history) and now training other girls to be successful Fitness and Bikini Models

Amelia Ricci
Chosen by INBA as the ideal Bikini Body

I am also excited to continue my writing for Oxygen Magazine Australia. Read my latest Oxygen Article, which describes the training that is safe for pregnancy and outlines exactly the training I did whilst I was pregnant this year.

Amelia Ricci featured in Oxygen Magazine December 2014

Amelia Ricci featured in Oxygen Magazine December 2014

Download and read more of my Oxygen and Ultra Fitness Articles here.

Amelia x o

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