5 Top Tips to Conquer Cravings Forever!

Today I am going to share with you my top 5 tips to conquer those pesky cravings, that generally start for me around 3pm!

Before I do, I wanted to share with you the story of beautiful Amanda Casey. She has trained with livingbeauty.com.au for two competitions and she also has a senior role in the Police and runs a household, proving that a health & fitness lifestyle can work – even when you are working long shift work and at a very challenging job.

Amanda at the All Female Muscle Classic. Photo: Melita Jagic.

Amanda at the All Female Muscle Classic. Photo: Melita Jagic.

Amanda’s Story

I have been under the guidance of livingbeauty.com.au since 2011.  I have completed competition preparation packages with Living Beauty in April 2013 and more recently, June 2014 for All Female Classic in Melbourne.  This package also included preparation for a photo shoot.

The reason I have been loyal to Amelia and entrusting her to guide me onto the stage is her attitude of health comes before anything else.  I cannot agree with this enough, especially being female, with due consideration to our complex and sensitive bodies.  Amelia understands the importance of having all facets of the body functioning well during competition preparation, and subsequently she left nothing open to adversity.

Amelia studied a course during my preparation, which covered the female reproductive system, amongst other topics.  Learning from medical professionals, she incorporated those practices into my plan.   As a result, my menstrual cycle was never compromised during preparation.

To me, this is just as important as achieving my goal of stepping on stage.  After all, I believe health is indicative of the human body functioning as it is designed to do, whilst becoming stronger and fitter.

My package included tailored nutrition plans, training plans, posing guidance, bikini selection, hair and make-up advice and photo shoot preparation.  Amelia and Gemma were available to me whenever I needed, I felt relaxed knowing all aspects of being a bikini competitor were covered.

After the amazing weekend in Melbourne for the All Female Classic, Amelia took care of my post competition meal plan and training plan.  My post competition meal plan was full of nutritious food and recipes, and my training plan was tailored to ensure improvements are made during off season.

My experience with Amelia and Gemma was highly positive, they are encouraging and supportive throughout and beyond.  I never felt tired, or withdrawn during preparation, Amelia never prescribed fat burners or other supplements that potentially wreak havoc on the body.  Amelia incorporated recovery sessions into my program to ensure I did not burn out, or induce injuries from irresponsible overtraining.  I believe as a direct result of Amelia’s attention to detail, this ensured my transition from competition life back to ‘normal life’ was an easy, comfortable one.  I have not had any post competition ‘blowout’ or binging.  I have maintained two kilograms above my stage weight, and have actually increased my lean muscle mass since.

If you are looking for a passionate coach who has your long term health at heart, and not just put you on a cheap ‘off the shelf’ meal and training plan, Amelia and Gemma are the industry professionals to trust.  They have both been in the industry for an extensive amount of time, are advocates of nutritious food, hard work, recovery and striving to be better than you were yesterday.  Old school ethics.  And to me, these methods and principles have stood the test of time, and will continue to be what separates Living Beauty from the rest.

Training with Living Beauty

See livingbeauty.com.au for package info and please note we are currently taking inquiries and talking to clients about their goals for 2015 with a Nov/Dec 2014 start date.

The best way to understand more about Living Beauty is view the web site and then email Amelia via the contact page. Please provide a return email address and your goals.

Amelia Ricci’s Top Tips to Conquer Cravings:

Cold Pressed Green Juice
Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Parsley – add a little of pineapple or grapefruit.
A vegetable based green juice or smoothie works for me every time! And, if I am time poor I may use a powdered green supplement mixed in water instead.

Make healthy versions of your JUNKY desires
– chocolate protein balls – recipe here
– sweet potato chips in the oven
– healthy pizza – cauliflower base – recipe here

Eat your meals every day – 3 nutrient packed meals and 2 snacks
– carry your food everywhere in a cooler

Stay hydrated
– most people drink no where near enough water and struggle through life dehydrated.

Have a regular bed time
– we need to sleep at least 8 hours – especially if training hard!

At this stage I am still waiting for my baby to decide WHEN he wants to come into the world! The great news is he is growing healthy and strong, which is fantastic, but I simply cannot wait to meet him. I am so excited.

I am taking raspberry leaf in a supplement form and drinking the herbal tea, let’s hope it works 😉 I’ll keep you posted!


Yours in Happiness & Health,

Amelia x 0

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