How to prevent holiday weight gain

I recently went on holiday to beautiful Palm Cove in Queensland and it got me thinking…is a holiday more relaxing if you overeat? Is it possible to go on vacation and return home feeling rejuvenated rather than bloated?

The good news is you CAN enjoy yourself on vacation, it’s all about making smart choices and I filmed this video to outline how to prevent holiday weight gain including a super fast, no equipment workout.


New Video: Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Click here for the video including fast workout!


Eating healthy tropical fruit on my holiday!

Latest Recipe: Healthy Lemon Cheesecake Protein Bar


200g quinoa flakes
150g Vanilla WPI @theallnaturalcompany
1 tsp GF baking powder
4 lemons (juice & a little finely grated rind)
4 medium zucchini, chopped
6 whole free range eggs
1-2 cups water (to achieve a medium consistency that’s easy to pour)
2 tbsp melted coconut oil
Keep separate
2 cups frozen Australian Blueberries
2 tbsp shredded coconut

1) preheat oven to 200 degrees.
2) prepare 2 rectangle baking dishes by greasing with coconut oil & line with baking paper.
3) add quinoa, baking powder and protein powder to blender and combine.
4) add all remaining ingredients (except blueberries) and blend until zucchini is smooth.
5) pour a thin layer of mixture onto bottom of each baking dish, follow with a layer of blueberries (use all the berries spread across the 2 dishes) finish with another even layer of protein bar mix to finish.
6) sprinkle with shredded coconut.
7) bake for 30-45 mins depending on your oven (a skewer will come out clean when cooked).

Adelaide Fitness Model Workshops

Preparations for upcoming competitions are in full swing with the Living Beauty Fitness Model Workshop taking place weekly on Saturday’s. Here’s a photo from the most recent workshop.

Adelaide Fitness Model Workshop

Adelaide Fitness Model Workshop

Your Transformations

Great results from Kylie Turci in 4 weeks following Amelia's Program!

Great results from Kylie Turci in just 4 weeks following Amelia’s Program!

See more incredible body transformations and start your own healthy body journey – click here

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Amelia xx

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How to Make Perfect Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is a great low carbohydrate alternative to starchy carbs for dinner. This veggie is so versatile that you can add a range of different herbs to season and you can adapt to suit any meal you choose to accompany the cauliflower rice.

This blog and video will give you my tips and other healthy recipe ideas. You will be well on your way to increasing your health and wellness, your body looking toned and getting a flat tummy fast!

In the recipes (below) you will learn:

  • How to make cauliflower rice perfectly every time
  • Using the Thermomix to make cauliflower rice

Your Great Transformations
I also wanted to share the great progress of client Tabitha

“My results speak for themselves, I am so happy. Only 4 weeks in and not only has my body changed for the better but with an all natural nutrition plan – my life has changed. I’m a happier & more energetic version of myself and cannot wait to see what the future brings!”

“I don’t remember the last time I felt this good. I’m noticing my mood changing more and more each week. I woke up early this morning, without an alarm!” – Tabitha Dziego

Tabitha is a Dog Groomer and Handler at Show Dogs. She works full time and travels almost every weekend for dog shows. She is currently training for fitness competitions later this year and has so far experienced great benefits from our healthy body transformation principles. Start YOUR healthy body transformation including meal plan & workouts here.

body transformation women

Cauliflower rice can accompany various dinner and lunch meals.

Cauliflower rice can accompany various dinner and lunch meals.

Living Beauty Cauliflower Rice Recipe
Serves: 4


1 tsp Organic Coconut Oil
1 head Cauliflower
1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt, to taste (and black pepper)
1 tsp Herb Seasoning (e.g. dried Italian Herb Mix)


1. Rinse cauliflower under cool water and pat dry.
2. Using a cheese grater, grate the cauliflower to a coarse texture (approximately the size of rice grains).
(OR Using a food processor to pulse the cauliflower to desired texture).
3. Heat the coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat.
4. Add in the cauliflower rice and continue to sauté for 4–5 minutes.
5. Season with herbs, salt and pepper, and serve.

Cauliflower rice in the Thermomix

  1. Place cauliflower in thermomix and blitz for 5 seconds on speed 5 (reverse). Should be rice grain size.
  2. Tip chopped cauliflower into steaming basket
  3. Add 1-1.5L water in bottom of bowl.
  4. Steam for 12 minutes on speed 3, Varoma.
  5. Add seasonings and serve.

The perfect cauliflower rice recipe involves three key steps. Firstly, avoid over cooking or it will become mushy and more like mashed potato. And my other important tips are to serve with other veggies especially greens to give you a variety of nutrients.

Flat Abs Secrets SALE $15 – hurry limited time only

Click here to learn more.

Flat Abs Secrets on sale $15

Flat Abs Secrets on sale $15

Meal ideas for your busy week

– Choose 2 new dinner recipes to try for your week ahead.
– Week day lunches should have 3 veggies, low GI carb source and protein.
– Wash and chop your veggies in advance.

Most people snack after dinner because they’re not satisfied, so try to fill your plate with plenty of veggies at lunch and dinner!

Want a new recipe to try this week? Check out my fitness model dinner ideas {click here}

Watch Amelia’s Meal prep video here

Get a flat tummy fast with Amelia's healthy recipes!

Get a flat tummy fast with Amelia’s healthy recipes!

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5 Diet Demons you thought were healthy!

Healthy eating can be confusing, with new diet products promising the magic secret to weight loss. In this blog I give you my top 5 diet demons for women that you thought were healthy. By eliminating or reducing these foods you will shift those stubborn last few kilos.

5 Diet Demons for Women

Amelia Ricci

Amelia Ricci

  1. Low Fat or Diet Products

These are loaded with hidden chemicals, sugar, salt and fillers. Diet and low fat products usually include common stomach irritants such as inulin and flavour enhancers. Skip them and opt for the full fat version instead.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are nutrient dense and delicious but watch for calorie overload because when they include coconut oil, ground nuts, protein powder, over ripe fruit and medjool dates – this can be a meal in itself. ALWAYS opt for the small size, not the large or you could be consuming a meal sized calorie intake in just one drink! And, try not to have a protein smoothie in addition to a large meal, as you may be supersizing your calorie intake.

3. Nuts

Nuts are healthy but watch your portions sizes as just 100 grams of nuts is approximately 600 calories and that’s way too much!

4. Acai Bowls with Fruit & Granola

The beautiful looking bowls are popular but with all the honey, dried fruit, fresh fruit and granola they add up to a huge meal. If you enjoy these have them as a treat and share with a friend.

5. Coffee

One or two cups a day before lunch is fine but too much coffee will affect your ability to sleep deeply which is a major key to rejuvenating the body and fat loss.

Pro Bikini Model Success

Recently we have had incredible results from Adelaide fitness competitions and Tegan Olsen became a Bikini Model Professional. As a result of her win she has the opportunity to compete as a Pro in Orlando Florida, USA!

Adelaide Bikini Model Coach

watch the video of the exhilarating moment that Tegan receives her pro card here

We have worked not just on training and nutrition, but also on stage presence, posing and refining Tegan’s look with the right hair, make up and tan. She also had a beautiful bikini in silver mosaic crystals which was a real show stopper.

At 176cm tall and had beautiful poise and grace on stage. Her body is long and lean with great tone and curves. At 26 years of age she has a long and exciting career ahead of her.

At Living Beauty it is not just a competition, it is a lifetime of wellness that is important.

We spend a great deal of time mentoring our clients during comp prep about balancing life, and the post competition plan is also our key focus.

Shape Up for Life Success

We also enjoy training ladies for health on our Shape Up for Life Program

Chantal Workout
Chantal Giannopoulos, Mother of 3

“For 3 years I’ve trained on and off at gyms doing squats, lunges and ab workouts BUT NEVER before have I been trained the way Amelia trains me!

You can do squats and lunges for years but without proper technique, mind to muscle and a PT who knows what she’s talking about, you won’t get solid results! Having Amelia as my PT is a definite highlight of my week!

I love how Amelia teaches technique and doesn’t just count reps but rather reminds me when to breathe, what muscle to switch on and correct posture to avoid injury. Amelia’s famous quote “Mind to Muscle” I get this now!

My favourite recipe on the Living Beauty 20 week program is the vegetable frittata! Loaded with veggies and my favourite feta cheese!

The biggest change for me was I could eat three good choice carbs a day such as brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato. I always thought ‘carbs’ were bad and only had them twice a week before joining Living Beauty. How wrong was I!

I was very worried that I would constantly crave sugar, BUT I DON’T! My body is receiving all the nutrients it needs and my sugar cravings HAVE GONE!

I”m forever thankful that I found Living Beauty and Amelia Ricci.”

Start your transformation now – click here to find out more

Book Image

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan


Amelia Ricci’s 4 week Bikini Body workout plan can be done at home and includes:

  • Upper Body Workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Abs and Leg Toning Workout
  • Stretching Routine

Get Fit Now

  • All materials are digital.
  • Sent to you instantly in pdf format.
  • You can start straight away.
  • Can be downloaded to any computer or iPad.
  • Watch this video to find out more!
4 week bikini body dinners

4 week bikini body meals

Amelia xx

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5 things I’d tell my younger self

Do you need to stop criticising yourself and get motivated again? Read the 5 things I’d tell my younger self including why you get better results NOT exercising every day and why YOU SHOULD indulge in Gelati, chocolate, pizza and other yummy foods you love!!

Latest image teaching fitness to a great group of ladies at the Lorna Jane Warehouse sale

Teaching fitness to a great group of ladies at the Lorna Jane Warehouse sale earlier this month

5 things I’d tell my younger self

1) You will get better results if you don’t exercise every day

By exercising at high intensity EVERY DAY you stress your body. It’s far better to have one day on followed by one day off to balance your body. Try yoga or walking and you will get better results as your muscles repair and grow (tone up) at rest, and also rest is also essential for women’s healthy hormones.

2) It’s okay to lose motivation.

Here’s a secret: sometimes I procrastinate before working out and have even sat in the car for 15 mins outside the gym, or worse turned the car around and gone back home! As long as you recognise no one is perfect, you will get over bad days fast and stay on track to achieve your health and fitness goals.

3) Don’t be a slave to perfection.

A workout missed is not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to move! Consistency over years and months is key, and the more you can build resilience to life’s challenges the better your long term health actions will be.

4) Never worry about stretch marks or other imperfections you may have.

If I worried about every little bump, stretch mark or scar, I would never feel good about myself! And in fact I am a 2 x bikini model champion with the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding) and a multiple times published fitness model. Put on a fake tan, wear clothes that suit your body and take 5 minutes a day to make yourself look presentable. Looking good leads to feeling good and this will show in your interactions with other people.
5) The more you stress over eating junk the more you eat

We have all done it before, eat one piece of chocolate, and then devour the block! Or have one slice of pizza and eat way too much! If you constantly stress yourself out over what you are eating you will never stop thinking about food and this is a fast way to blow out. Relax and think about an abundance of healthy food filling your plate and your cravings will disappear. Watch my NEVER DIET AGAIN video here.


Latest News

IMG_8607 IMG_8665

During April I traveled to Melbourne to compete in the Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza.

I achieved second place among women who were up to 20 years younger than me!

Even if you’re a busy person with work, family & household responsibilities you can make health and fitness a priority.

Get off the Diet Bandwagon Forever!

I am committed to helping others achieve fitness and wellness goals.

I received the following email: ” I still cannot believe that you look like you do & eat beautiful food !! I can only see 2 hours of exercise a day & chicken & broccoli to get there!!!!”

I can assure you I have limited time to exercise and follow a balanced nutrition approach (including chocolate and gelati in moderation) and I am NOT genetically slim. If you need help and want to get off the diet bandwagon contact me

Teaching Fitness & Yoga at Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale, April 3rd, 2016

Teaching Fitness & Yoga at Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale, April 3rd, 2016


You might be interested in reading my eBook which includes:

  • How to stay motivated forever.
  • The exact portions you should be eating to lose body fat and feel energetic.
  • The toning exercises fitness models swear by.
  • How to get a flat tummy post baby.

Read reviews here

IMG_2545Yours in Health & Wellness

Amelia xx

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5 Best Fitness Apps You’ll Love

Everyone has a busy life and it’s great to use technology to be more productive with your time. Keep a food diary, book into classes and stay accountable using these fitness apps and before you know it you’ll hit those fitness goals! Check out my 5 Best Fitness Apps to help your fitness journey:

  1. My Net Diary Pro. Educate yourself about food by looking at Protein, Carbs and Fat within specific foods. Whilst I do not advocate calorie counting, it can be useful to keep record of your daily intake for a short time period (1-2 weeks) so you can check out your starting point for calorie levels and your macro balance. For example you may be eating a good level of calories but way too many carbs, or too little protein.Just don’t rely on the measures of calories burned during exercise, as they are not very accurate. I recommend being cautious when falsely thinking you can eat more because you exercise!
  2. Instagram. With hashtags like #instafit #fitmum this really is an app I LOVE. Join me @livingbeautyamelia It is my fave way to stay in touch with everyone doing the #4weekbikinibody program and share success stories.
  3. Mind Body Express. This app is used by health studios and you can log in and book your classes on line. It reserves your place in class and that way you know for sure you will get into my booked out Pilates, Yoga and Abs/Butts classes. Download via the App Store and book here.
  4. You Tube. This is where I upload all my fitness videos via my You Tube Channel 4 week bikini body health and fitness. I demonstrate the correct exercise technique to help you and it is a great reference for a quick workout on holiday, or any time you need me to motivate you to workout!
  5. Camera Bag. This is my fave app for re-sizing photos and applying filters. Try it yourself – it is so simple and fun! Why not start photographing your fitness journey and tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Your Transformations

Antonella – 12 week shape up for life

12 week shape up for life

12 week shape up for life

FINAL front collage 16 weeks

Healthy body transformation with Living Beauty

“Normally I would throw in the towel and think what’s the use…..I’ve eaten a huge piece of cake!! But its not about that now, small gradual changes make the bigger picture. I have learned that perfection is not necessary and I feel more trim and toned than I have in years.”

“I started with Amelia’s 4 week bikini body program and then moved on to her Living Beauty program for a further 12 weeks. Has been a great 12 weeks with lots of ups and downs, sometimes wanting to give up but overall has been amazing. I feel fantastic for all the hard work!” – Antonella.

Monique – Pilates Classes for Pregnancy, Adelaide

Pilates Testimonial:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the time you took in your classes to alter them for me, you are such an amazing person and I love that you have so much passion in what you do. I have definitely become a lover of Pilates and can’t wait till I get the all clear after bubs is born to come back.”

As well as having 20 years experience as a Fitness Professional I am a fully qualified Pre and Post Natal Pilates Teacher. I also experienced first hand having to rehab my core muscles after an emergency caesarian and can identify with the various stages of pregnancy as I have been there!

Exercising is very important for you to do during pregnancy and Pilates is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise during this time as it helps you to:
– Maintain your general fitness and strength – you will need it for the labour and also looking after your baby – carrying your baby and lifting prams takes a lot strength.
– Prevent stiffness, aches and pains, such as back and pelvic pain, keeping you more mobile
– Strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core abdominal muscles which help in your recovery post pregnancy.
– Improve your posture, which changes a lot throughout the pregnancy.

I teach Pilates class Saturday’s in Adelaide and have the option to attend class or work with me one on one for a private session.

Pilates for Pregnancy with Amelia in Adelaide. Happy Client Monique pictured above.

Pilates for Pregnancy with Amelia in Adelaide. Happy Client Monique pictured above at her baby shower.

If interested email

Face to Face Fitness with Amelia Ricci

Book now for my classes or Personal Training I would love to help you with your health & fitness goals.

Yoga GroupFREE Exercise Videos Watch now on Amelia’s NEW YouTube Channel

Capture5 Stretches to Do Every Day

As Featured on Sonia Styling

As Featured on Sonia Styling

“5 Stretches to do Every Day” as featured on Sonia Styling

I caught up with Sonia last week and we did a Pilates & Yoga session in the tranquil surrounds of nature.

If you feel tight, this easy sequence will only take 5 minutes and you will feel amazing!

Whilst you are there check out Sonia’s beautiful blog covering all things fashion, style and fun.

New Healthy Pineapple & Coconut Cake Recipe

Click here for the recipe

Amelia Ricci's Healthy Pineapple and Coconut Cake

Amelia Ricci’s Healthy Pineapple & Coconut Cake

Yours In Health & Wellness,

Amelia x o


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5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Fat loss is not just one magic thing, rather it is the combination of several aspects to burn fat fast including nutrition, training and mindset. Each person is different because of their training history, experiences with diets, food preferences and intolerances.

Our emotions and mindset towards fat loss is the biggest key as our mind drives our behaviour and attitudes on any health and fitness journey. Identify your key strengths and weaknesses when it comes to committing to training and nutrition plans and work with a coach who will work through any barriers with you so that you can make the experience enjoyable and overcome challenges together.

Fitness Model News

Our fitness model clients know that fat loss takes time and therefore they typically prepare for a competition for 12 weeks – 20 weeks using the Living Beauty method for fitness model competitions and bikini model competitions in Adelaide and around Australia.

Nutrition plans are tailored for example gluten free fitness model programs and vegetarian fitness meal plans are also prepared to cater for any dietary requirement or preference.

Our fitness models this season will compete in the INBA fitness model competitions, ANB Bikini model competitions and WFF fitness competitions to be held starting in May.

Adelaide Bikini shows

Adelaide Fitness Model Competitions


Latest Photo Shoot

Amelia traveled to Sydney for a photo shoot with GTP Photography. Thanks to Guy for a great shoot.

Post Baby Amelia Ricci

Amelia Ricci Post Baby 2016

Bikini Body Post Baby

I used the 4 week bikini body principles to get in shape post baby and lose 25kg

5 Ways to Lose Fat Fast

1. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body uses at rest.

Adding some muscle to your body is a great way to help shed some body fat. The more muscle you have generally the faster your metabolism, and the greater amount of fat you use while resting.

2. You can lose fat and still gain muscle, so you can gain weight but lose fat.

Scales are not the only way to measure your progress. Scales can be demotivating. What your body is made of is of much more significance that what you weigh. I use fortnightly measurements and photos.

3. People who exercise outdoors burn more fat than those training inside.

I love this one because I’m an ‘outdoor’ type, I love the beach, the pak – anything among nature. Combining being outside with exercise seems to me to be the perfect antidote for our modern, indoor lifestyle.

4. There is no ‘best time’ to exercise.

The real and only best time is whatever works for you – Do it when you can, as often as you can, and make it something you enjoy. I have a baby, a husband, a business, I understand it can be hard to exercise, to fit it all in.Better still do something the whole family can enjoy!

5. Sleep is an important factor in fat burning.

Studies show the more you sleep  the more fat you burn. The longer you’re awake the slower your metabolism, as your brain attempts to preserve energy. Studies show 8.5 hours to be the optimum amount of sleep.

Success Stories

Amanda Kirkman 5 week transformation mid way through her 12 week program

Amanda Kirkman 5 week transformation mid way through her 12 week program

In one week I have lost 2 kilos and my abs are popping. Love it!

It’s the first time in three years I have not felt bloated.

I am building both strength and endurance. And I am finding the meal plans easy to follow.

I am excited for the goal of competing and looking my all time best on stage. Thanks, Amanda

Reviews of Amelia Ricci’s 4 week bikini body guide.

4wbb-Hardcover-Book-MockUp (2)Yours in Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o


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5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016

When the year kicks off with fireworks and champagne we are ALL super excited! We set our goals and then enthusiasm drops off as we realise – OMG it’s almost February! Rather than setting crazy goals, stay on track with my super easy tips.
5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016.

  1. Think positive
best bikini model blog

Let’s get fit and strong together STRONG is the new skinny!

  • When you commit to a goal think “I WILL BE MY BEST, I CAN DO THIS”. Don’t think of negative reasons why you won’t achieve it and talk yourself out of it.
  • Write your goal down and WHY you want to achieve it – read this often.
  • Your thoughts are like the front wheels of a car, if you are constantly thinking negatively, you will ultimately end up somewhere you don’t want to be.
  • Remember no matter how great your exercise plan is – No one can do the work for you.
  • Likewise with meal prep, choose to put fresh food into your body because you feel more energetic!

I have FEAR of FAILURE – just like YOU – but if positivity can outweigh our fears then happiness and success will prevail.

Many of us think that others have it easier in life than we do. I prefer to approach life understanding that we all have struggles. I acknowledge the stress and challenges in life but choose relaxation strategies like Yoga.

2. Be Inspired

Check out this amazing transformation.

Living Beauty Fitness Fitness Model AdelaideMarguerita Costa created the body tone she desired and achieved her goal of stepping on stage as a bikini model.

I completed the Living Beauty competition program and achieved my dream to step on stage as a bikini model. After the competition I started the 4 week bikini body program and loved the results it gave me for the long term. Amelia provides a variety of different meal options along with tasty recipes that you can never get sick of. The training program is easy to follow, well-structured and has allowed me to feel leaner, stronger and more confident in my body.

Marguerita studies Dental Hygiene and also has a job plus family commitments. She found the program easy to follow due to the structure of the meals being easy to eat at breaks and workouts were able to be done before or after work.

3. Know your fitness facts

Knowledge is power when you want to stay motivated. Make sure you fill your brain with fitness facts not fiction. Read my articles in Oxygen Magazine.

flat abs post baby flat abs post babyFind out how to get flat abs with Pilates as I present a new workout sequence that will work magic on your core. Full article here.

Read about finding balance when competing and the one person who means to most to me when I am up on stage at a bikini competition. Full article here.

Fitness Models Fitness Models

This month’s edition of Oxygen Magazine Australia is now at newsagents. Grab your copy or subscribe.

4. Refresh your exercise program

Workout MotivationClick for your free workout.

5. Set a challenge

We are running workshops and posing classes for fitness models, catering from beginners to those who have competed before – join us for a 6 week course in Adelaide. Click to get the info flyer.

Adelaide Fitness Model Training

We all need to stop waiting for the perfect time to change our habits – the perfect time is now!

4 week bikini body challenge

Amelia xx

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Healthy Christmas tips and free bikini-friendly recipes

Clean Eating at Christmas

Tackling clean eating during the festive season can be a challenge – but you don’t have to eat carrot sticks to maintain a lean body and here’s how I do it…

Amelia Ricci, bikini competition 1 year post baby

My Christmas day: Wake up and eat breakfast Fitness Model Pancakes, followed by a walk with my husband and baby son Orlando either around my local area or at the beach. I might throw in some stair runs, push ups or tricep dips.

During lunch and dinner I will eat with awareness and will try a little bit of most dishes including dessert. As long as I eat until satisfied but not overly full I feel great.

12346415_919687161413436_2800647329790045885_nI have food intolerance’s (wheat, gluten, dairy, FODMAPS) and therefore I choose the foods that don’t aggravate. I certainly don’t deprive myself or eat like a bird. Christmas Day is fun to socialise and share foods with loved ones.

I love making my raw avocado lime pie. I don’t emphasise how healthy it is …I simply place it on the table for people to try!

Amelia's Raw Avocado and Lime Pie

Amelia’s Raw Avocado and Lime Pie

Here are some tips from Living Beauty Client Amanda Casey

IMG_3673 (2)


Living Beauty Fitness Models and Assistant Coach Gemma Top row: Vanessa, Thuy, Jo H, Jo B, Gemma Front: Elle, Amanda, Marguerita and Amelia

Enjoy foods in moderation
The silly season is one time of the year to relax, and spend time with family and friends.  Eat the foods you enjoy in moderation.  But just remember balance!  It’s perfectly OK to have some Christmas Pudding, but perhaps offset by eating little less creamy pasta and more veggies.

Stay hydrated
Ensure you stay hydrated.  Not only due to the Aussie heat, but also to combat that bloated feeling.  As you will enjoy foods that may not normally be on your plan, you may feel bloated.  Drink adequate water to also offset those sneaky wines!

Continue to train
Stick to your normal training schedule.  You will feel so much better and less guilty if you train as per normal.  If anything, use the extra food to set personal bests in the gym or beating your run time.

Wise words from Amanda Casey, Living Beauty Fitness Model:Above all, be kind to yourself.  Remember balance.  Use this time of year to recharge and reflect, set goals and spend time with family and friends.”

Amanda ready for her fitness competition in Adelaide and All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

Amanda competes at INBA All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

Latest Oxygen Magazine Australia – Amelia’s Yoga and Pilates Workouts!

Find out how to get flat abs and feel amazing.

042-043_TRAINING_PILATES_OXY82#0001 - Copy


A great way to start the new years is with my Yoga and Wellness Program. within 2 days you will feel amazing and with smoothies soups and sweet treats you will never go hungry. Not to mention the easy to follow yoga sequence is suitable for beginners who have never done yoga before.

Click here for more free recipes.

So there you go…Christmas Living Beauty style!
Hope yours is filled with peace, joy and happiness.

Amelia x o


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Incredible Body Transformations

Body transformations, love them or hate them, these photos flood Instagram promising a hot bikini body. The shocking truth is many people revert back to old habits AFTER the program and stack ALL the kilos back on!

At Living Beauty Fitness we work differently and our clients maintain their results. How?

  • Sustainable lifestyle program with NO starvation diets.
  • Weight training programs are designed for individuals – catering to all levels and any pre-existing injury is managed.
  • Smart training designed to elevate metabolism for hours after the workout.
  • Meal plans contain delicious recipes that are so yummy you won’t believe they are healthy.
  • Coaches (Amelia and Gemma) with over 20 years Fitness Australia qualifications and experience who really CARE.

IMG_3165Joanne Bezzina – Body Transformation

My story is one that I am sure many people can identify with. For the first 34 years of my life, I was always overweight – and I don’t mean by a couple of kilograms. I mean by at least 27kgs!

I had reached my all-time heaviest of 87kgs and I decided I had had enough. I was tired of feeling unhealthy, sluggish, bloated, negative and depressed. I was always tired and felt like I was dragging myself around and was always getting sick. The worst part – I had NO self-esteem, self-confidence or sense of worth!
In 2013, even after having lost some weight and weighing 70kgs, I decided to set myself some serious goals and enter my first Bikini Competition. I had entered multiple 12 week challenges at my previous gym, losing a couple of kilos only to then put them back on and then some.
I started researching some coaches. I wanted a coach that provided me with a personalised training and nutrition program, with no pills, potions, gimmicks and artificial “quick-fixes”.

Someone to guide me not only through the process, but most importantly, provide me with post-comp support.

I also wanted a program where I could eat a variety of food, not be starved and have to train ridiculous amounts of hours per day as I have a full time job.
Fast forward to my third competition and I have never been happier with my results, the support I have received through Living Beauty and friends that I have made but most of all, the feeling of great health and wellbeing.
Just recently, I competed at the Fit Bikini Extravaganza in the Gold Coast organised by Amelia. My trip to the Gold Coast was an amazing experience! I not only got to do a photo shoot with Dallas Olsen at Oxygen Magazine headquarters, but got to meet Lindy Olsen and the team at Oxygen!
Best of all, I got to share this experience with my Living Beauty coach and three of my Living Beauty sisters! Words cannot describe just how amazing and surreal it all was! I grew so much on a personal, emotional and spiritual level and I am forever grateful to Amelia and my Living Beauty family for their continual support and guidance.

Jo Bezzina - Living Beauty Transformation.

Jo Bezzina – Living Beauty Transformation.

The Living Beauty principles are:
• There are no ‘quick fixes’
• Love yourself no matter what – we are ALL beautiful in many ways
• Self-confidence and feeling of self-worth
• Eating healthy, enjoying life and training smarter, not harder
• Get results without chemical loaded supplements
• “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – our bodies are a work in progress
• Don’t compare yourself to others – make you your only competitor
• Mental and emotional resilience
• Being prepared is key to achieving your success – one of my favourite quotes is “if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail” and
• Skills, tools and strategies that have helped me in so many other parts of my life.

IMG_3166The best advice I can give anyone is this – if you have been struggling with feeling unhealthy and unfit and unsupported, Living Beauty will change your life! It did mine and I will be forever grateful to Living Beauty for how they have helped me transform, not only physically but mentally and emotionally!

Elle Blackwell – Body Transformation


This was an AMAZING year for Elle! Already a Bikini Model Champion (and training with Living Beauty for 3 years) Elle placed 1st in  the 2015 Miss International Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza and also competed at the ANB Fitness Model competition placing third two weeks earlier.

We were thrilled for Elle to win the competition after years of hard work transforming her body!

We were thrilled for Elle to win the competition after years of hard work transforming her body!

Advice from Elle: You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to achieve a bikini body.

You need good nutrition, to be active daily, adequate rest…. And some patience.

Looking at yourself in the mirror or jumping on the scales at the end of the week and throwing the towel in because you haven’t seen HUGE changes yet is only going to put you back at square one.

Fad diets or starving yourself is not going to get you long term results, or be a sustainable lifestyle.

Buying tubs of chemicals … ‘Fat burn’, ‘shred up’, ‘special elixir’, is only going to cost you money you don’t need to spend, and is not sustainable. Do you want to sign up to pay for this stuff forever…

You can achieve a healthy bikini body without all this. You don’t need to be hungry all the time, keep starting over or keep handing out your hard earned cash. You just need to follow sensible training and eating … And stick to it.

My body transformation – One year post baby

IMG_2545I set myself a goal post baby to shape up the healthy way and set an example for my clients that you do not have to rush it or resort to drastic measures. I lost 25 kilos to step on stage and felt amazing on stage.

Christie Rozalikis – Photo Shoot Goal complete!

12196347_10153870260179180_4441322311853364641_nAs part of their goals I arranged a photo shoot for the girls at Oxygen Magazine with Dallas Olsen and this is a beautiful image of Christie who embodies health, happiness and confidence. Christie is also a fitness ambassador and uses the program

Fit Bikini Model Event was a great experience and congratulations to all for such a fun and rewarding trip.

Christie, Amelia, Elle and Jo at the competition.

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Amelia Ricci’s Fitness Model Competition Diet

I have SO much exciting news and my EXCLUSIVE fitness model competition diet plan…

Client Results – Stunning Fitness Competitions in Adelaide!


Thuy Vu – Living Beauty Bikini Model

Living Beauty had great success and hard work paid off for our clients!

Jo Hoff and Sacha Clifton - Fitness Models

Jo Hoff and Sacha Clifton – Fitness Models

Do you want help to change your lifestyle?
Premium Banker, Miroslava succeeds in the fast paced Sydney corporate world.

Testimonial photo

Miroslava – 12 week Shape Up for Life client

I have just completed Living Beauty 12 week program and feel amazing – plus I can fit into my ‘skinny’ leather trousers again! Hence this picture.
My life is pretty hectic, working in Finance in Sydney Martin Place. My week is jam packed with client/board meetings all days/different locations, endless client lunches, drinks, treats. I was running on empty and fueling up on sugar.
Why I would recommend for you to make an investment for your health and life with help of Living Beauty:
1. Tailored designed – like a couture dress, to my schedule, my fitness level, my communication preference – via email.
2. Amelia has 20 yrs of experience and is an expert in her field who you can trust for results you are after.
3. Eating plan to suit my lifestyle and food preferences
4. Supplements that are relevant to my body
5. Weekly emails are extremely motivating, to the point and she addresses my concerns in a non-bullying way – but she is straight up tough.
6. Fitness plan that works for your lifestyle, what you like and is adjusted according to injury

Knowledge is power. Amelia provides an exceptional bespoke health prescription which gave me the body I was meant to have. Did I mention your butt will look amazing and skin will glow! – Miroslava

Amelia’s Fitness Model Competition Diet

I am going to explain exactly what I eat in the weeks leading up to my competition. Now keep in mind I am also training intensely.

Most important supplement – WATER!

3-4 litres per day

3-4 litres per day

Breakfast – Protein Pancakes from 4 week Bikini Body book (plain NO toppings when preparing for a competition).

Amelia's Protein Pancakes

Amelia’s Protein Pancakes

SnackProtein Bar and a banana if training intensely (for example legs)

4 week bikini body protein bars

4 week bikini body protein bars

Lunch – Chicken, Broccoli, Cauliflower and sweet potato

I actually love this meal and eat it all year round!

I actually love this meal and eat it all year round!

Snack – Frittata from 4 week bikini body book

Amelia's Frittata

Amelia’s Frittata

Dinner – protein and veggies

Thai inspired Deep Sea Perch on a bed of slendier (no carb) noodles

Thai inspired Deep Sea Perch on a bed of slendier (no carb) noodles


Please Note: I eat many different types of vegetables and this is the most important factor to stay healthy. Each meal has a minimum of 3 metric cups of green vegetables.

Every client is different and for competition training no client has the same plan.

For more updates and competition photos, follow me on Instagram @livingbeautyamelia

Amelia Ricci - One Year Post Baby - Bikini Model Competition Preparation

Amelia Ricci – One Year Post Baby – Bikini Model Competition Preparation

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