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For those who don’t know, I had Baby Orlando 5 weeks ago! I love being a mum and it is an incredible feeling to love him so much!

Baby Orlando has brought us more joy than I have ever felt in my life! The feelings of love are overwhelming and unconditional.

5 week old Baby Orlando and Amelia

5 week old Baby Orlando and Amelia

This week I sought help at a community health service which really helped with the settling group they provide. I feel calmer and am learning more every week.

For those that follow my facebook page, I had felt like I was failing with all the contradicting information and so called “experts”. But I now know that there is no failure, just learning….and this has parallels to YOUR fitness journey!

As I said in my earlier post this week, I have been in the fitness industry since age 17 (20 years). I have taught Body Pump, Step, Aerobics, Body Balance, Body Combat, Pilates, PT and for years I ran my own yoga school.

I always screened my participants for any post natal, pre-natal considerations and/or medical conditions and injury considerations. I used to have to tell people they had to leave the class, if they were returning to exercise too soon after pregnancy.

So, I am not about to rush into crazy exercise regimes, I will be taking it very slowly and gradually. I will focus my awareness on my posture and liting core muscles into the correct position. If this is NOT done the internal muscles like pelvic floor, transverse abdominus and rectus abdominus won’t be strong enough to support exercise.

A typical day of my nutrition might look like this:

Breakfast: Gluten free slice of toast with 2 organic eggs and avocado.
Snack: Protein shake from The All Natural Company (mixed with water and berries or banana and ice)
Lunch: Salad with chicken or tuna (very large salad!!)
Snack: Protein balls (My living Beauty recipe)
Dinner: Steak or chicken with veggies – loads of greens and then a carb like sweet potato.

As it is spring time every one is looking to get into exercising again and choosing the right trainer can be tough – everyone says they are the BEST, so how do you evaluate them?

Amelia Ricci Head Coach Living Beauty Adelaide Personal Training

Amelia Ricci Head Coach Living Beauty Adelaide Personal Training

You can start by asking the following questions and look on their web site for qualifications and credentials:

How long have they been in the industry?

What is their area of experience and specialisation?

What results have their clients achieved – if they are doing competition preparation how many of their clients have achieved placings in competitions?

What do their clients say about them as a Fitness professional? Are they happy for you to contact their clients for a referral?

Have they been constantly accredited with Fitness Australia (Fitness Australia requires that Trainers do Continuing Education Credits every year plus keep Senior First Aid and CPR up to date) and they must have current insurance cover.

What training courses have they completed recently? All trainers should do continuing training courses to keep up to date with the latest research and methods.

Do they care for your results and well being above everything?

And, most importantly do they have a medical and background screening questionnaire before they begin any training program for you, do they truly get to know your history, any injuries and medical conditions?

Is your training and nutrition targeted directly to your body and your goals and tailored not just a cut and paste?

And the final point – does your trainer walk the talk?

Recent Fitness Competition Results

Living Beauty girls recently competed at the ANB Competition
on 28th September, 2014.

Congratulations to all Living Beauty Clients

Sally Drouin, 3rd Place Fitness Model
Joanne Bezzina, 2nd Place Swimsuit Model Over 35
Elle Blackwell, 2nd Place Fitness Model

Joanne and Elle

Joanne and Elle


Sally and Elle in Themewear

Sally and Elle in Themewear

Thuy, David from ANB and Vanessa at the Fundraising stand for Living Beauty

Thuy, David from ANB and Vanessa at the Fundraising stand for Childhood Cancer Association



Joanne Bezzina progress photos

Joanne Bezzina progress photos


Stay up to date with me on my post baby shape up journey on my facebook page where I post:

  • my weekly progress;
  • links to my Oxygen Magazine articles;
  • free healthy recipes, and much more!

And check out clients testimonials here for example beautiful Madeline who works shift work and has achieved her Ultimate Bride Body.

Yours In Health,

Amelia x o

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