How to create powerful goals and achieve them

So many people ask me how I stay motivated after so many years in the fitness industry and my answer is goal setting. To me a goal is very simple it is a dream with a date!
Goal setting can often sound complicated or scary.  Complicated if you have too many to achieve at one time, and scary if you fear failure. I recommend keeping it very simple.

The best thing about goal setting is that everyone is different. The beauty of living in this world is no two people have the exact same set of things in life that make them happy. So there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. Do not worry about if you can achieve them and what would happen if they fail.

You will be jumping for joy when you achieve your goals!

NOT setting goals is like driving your car around with no destination in mind. The benefits of goal setting really outweigh the drawbacks or fears we may have.

First step find a quiet place and time when you can think clearly. Grab a plain note book and write down what you want to achieve and a date or time frame.

I normally divide it into sections to stimulate my thinking and I would not have a huge list of all of these at one time, but choose a few that are relevant to me at that time of year:

Family and friends
Health and well being
Personal achievements/hobbies (a fun past time)

The simpler the better, here are some examples:

  • Meet up with my girlfriends at least once a fortnight for coffee or a gym session.
  • Email my brother who lives overseas to stay in touch at least every 3 weeks.
  • Save up to go on a holiday in January to Fiji.
  • Start training for the City to Bay fun run.
  • Try a new style of fitness class and attend for six weeks to challenge myself.

Once in a while you may set major goals like:

  • Walk the Kokoda trail.
  • Compete in an international fitness show.
  • Climb Mt Everest.
  • Backback around Europe.

You might have read the first list above and thought they were pretty simple but these type on things keep me on track for what is important to me.

As we get more responsibilities, the small things can be forgotten. You need to put yourself in your diary, make an effort to ring friends and family, make time to nurture the things in life and people that matter to you.

It is important to have your big goals too – make them crazy! REACH FOR THE STARS and you know you might just get there!

Ok now you have to stick your list up somewhere you can read it every day – inside your pantry, inside your wardrobe, on a pinboard in front of your computer – where ever!

I have been doing this about 4 x each year and it is amazing that most of my goals are reached. On the days I feel like crap or feel annoyed or overworked I try to read my goals to make me feel better. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff.

There are some I have not achieved but that’s ok as I would say 90% of the time I achieve them all and this makes me very happy. It also puts things into perspective when life is tough and we whinge for no reason about silly things. It makes you focused on what is important to you and very thankful for everything you have achieved.

If you only remember on thing – it is that everyone’s happiness is based on a different set of important aspects in life.

You and a friend both might like health and fitness and have a few goals in common but I am sure there will be a few aspects that will be different. And the beauuty of this is that this makes you and individual – YOU! Identify what is important to you, write it down and each week take small steps to make it happen. Life is nothing without good relationships and that’s why I always write myself notes to maintain my contact with family and friends.

You can be super rich, have a killer body and live in a mansion, but if you have no one to share it with what does it all mean? Invest in your relationships, put the work into all areas of your life to feel balanced and calm.

Start your goals now, reach for the stars and if you fall short, love yourself and start over, life’s not perfect, be kind to yourself and enjoy!

One of my goals for 2010 was to plan my dream wedding, and here we are at the Marina Pier on our wedding day which was a dream come true!

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