What is health?

Most people think that losing weight and toning up means excessive cardio and a minimal diet. Who can blame you for thinking this, as your gut instinct and past experience in reading all the conflicting advice in the media play on your mind! It can be enough to make you confused and just give up your health and fitness goals all together!

I think the best way is to understand fitness is a lifestyle and a journey of continuous improvement.

You need to work on your mind as much as your habits to make a change.

It is also hard work and determination that will give you the body you want.

Here are some key steps to help you:

  • Visualise what you want to look like and think about how you want to feel every day – strong, energetic, calm – ready to tackle the world!
  • Believe it is possible, or at least fake it until you make it a habit to think positive!
  • Understand it is normal to have doubt, nerves and lack of self-belief when approaching the unknown, but with the right thought patterns you can overcome these thoughts.

What is healthy?

I often ask myself what is health and here are a few answers:

  • Balanced approach to life including time for relaxation, socialising, exercise, good food and fun!
  • Not obsessed with perfection but aim to be your best every day.
  • Feeding your body with nutrients from nature.
  • Accepting good and bad moods.
  • Confident in your abilities in your chosen field of work.
  • Keep moving with a combination of some very hard training sessions and some recovery and slower sessions.
  • Have energy.
  • Like to be around family and friends.
  • Feel worthy and love yourself.
  • Can still occasionally enjoy foods high in calories and not feel guilty.
  • Focus on what you want and your goals.
  • Be your own friend.
  • Train and rest well.

Probably the most important thing is to focus on health, not muscle size or percentage body fat. Nourish your body every day with good food, positive thoughts and envigorating exercise!

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Love and Light

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