What happens at a Health Retreat? Healthy Hormones Tips for Women!

Boosting metabolism and losing body fat for women can be a minefield. I learned about tools to overcome adrenal fatigue and of course how to prevent it on a 5 day women’s health retreat with the theme “Health, Happiness, Hormones”.

Amelia Ricci. Top right: Gwinganna foods Bottom right: How I felt after Gwinganna (from a past LB client photo shoot!!)

Amelia Ricci.
Top right: Gwinganna foods
Bottom right: How I felt after Gwinganna (from a past LB client photo shoot!!)

Long term health has always been my main priority at living beauty. Studying with experts including – a GP with a natural health perspective, a Naturopath and a Life coach all with a wealth of experience has enhanced my knowledge. I will never stop learning and studying to best help my clients achieve their fitness goals the healthy way.

There’s no use looking fabulous for one occasion, I want Living Beauty Clients to feel and look great and have vitality forever!!

The rules were strict and the list included:

–          No coffee/tea/caffeine

–          No mobile phone

–          No computer

–          No alcohol

–          No extra snacks apart from the nutritious 3 meals and 2 snacks at the retreat

–          Awake at 5:30am to begin the day with Qi Gong and a beautiful walk

Gwinganna - 2 outdoor pools and gym/studio

Gwinganna – 2 outdoor pools and gym/studio

I work in the industry of providing personal training for Fitness and Bikini Models, Brides to be and new mum’s wanting to get back in shape. I also tailor lifestyle plans for clients wanting to be the best version of themselves!

This retreat was called “Happy, Healthy, Hormones” which was tailored exclusively for women which gave me an amazing update to my knowledge as well as confirming a lot of the principles I use in my clients plans every day.

This retreat was amazing and the days began at 5:30am. For example day one looked like this:

Qi Gong (similar to Tai Chi)

Walk around organic garden

Daily Stretch class

Yoga class

Seminar on hormone health with a GP

TRX class

Day two

Challenging walk – this included a 3 km descent followed by a 3 km steep mountain climb which was exhilarating!

Daily Stretch class

Seminar with Naturopath

Seminar on Supplements for healthy hormones with a Naturopath

Aloe Vera instruction on drinking the water from gel. Aloe barberis. From the Organic Farmer on the property.


Day three

Alignment class – how to align your own body and alleviate muscle tension

Daily Stretch class

TRX class

Seminar on how to Integrate positive change from a Life Coach

Pilates – private class using the Pilates Reformer

Iridology appointment with a Naturopath

Top: Spa entrance, bottom left: pool, right: organic garden

Top: Spa entrance, bottom left: pool, right: organic garden

Women’s Health Tips any one can use:

–          One cup of coffee preferably black, organic prior to 12noon (if you enjoy coffee!!). No other caffeine Sources (watch for hidden caffeine in supplements and avoid it)

–          Take an oil supplement such as fish oil or another Omega complex.

–          Deal with stress using exercise, meditation, yoga and positive thinking.

–          Eat foods that give energy not drain energy – the liver has to filter everything you consume.

–          The liver is supported by: leafy greens, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, lemons, garlic, rosemary, protein rich foods.

–          Good quality protein foods are essential for hormone health for example: eggs, nuts seeds, poultry, lean red meat, fish.

–          Consider friends and having fun as the best way to beat stress, but if you are stuck in a cycle of stress and unable to manage it seek counseling or hypnotherapy to reduce the anxiety response pathways.

–          Use balanced movement choices – some hard exercise balanced with recovery.

Tips for Long Term Health:

–          Deep breathing where ever possible.

–          Quality time with yourself doing things that balance you.

–          Have gratitude for what you have not what you don’t have.

–          Get plenty of rest to restore your body.

–          Laugh more and don’t take life too seriously.

–          Learn how to relax and incorporate patience into everything you do.

–          Audit your thoughts, and let go of unnecessary stress or drama.

–          Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

–          Drink plenty of fresh pure water.

–          Ensure good postural awareness at all times whether sitting or exercising.

–          Incorporate resistance training and interval training into your routine.

–          Learn how to manage your time, your thoughts and create the life you love to live!

Competition Update!

We are now just 10 days away from the start of the competition season. We have been working hard with the girls posing and walking and of course comp prep the healthy way! Living Beauty has trained five girls this season and I am looking forward to seeing them shine on stage.

Elle and Vanessa from Living Beauty

Elle and Vanessa from Living Beauty

Living Beauty will be selling our famous protein balls to raise funds to help beat Childhood Cancer. We run this fundraiser twice a year and have done so for the past three years. So come and support a worthwhile cause at the INBA Competition, 4th May at Norwood Townhall.

Please check back to facebook and like this post and share with your friends and family – so they can also experience long term health!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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