What Does She Do to Stay So Fit?

Amelia Ricci
Photo by Dallas Olsen Oct 2012

Do you ever see photos on social media and think “I want to look like that”.
She is eating or Training XYZ. maybe I should be doing that.

How come she can eat chocolate and all these amazing desserts and still be in shape?
Wow does she really eat that recipe she posted?

I always eat clean and I train like a demon and never get results 🙁
Will I ever change my body to be as lean as the other girls I see on facebook?

I am frustrated my injury sets me back.
I am dealing with so many medical problems I worry I will never get the body I want.
Her life must be perfect.
She must be doing it easier than me, what’s the secret?
Maybe if I buy that e-book or supplement, I will be one step closer to my dream?

I want to look like her.
I will do anything to get that look –  I want abs!!
I want that LOOK.

I doubt I can do it but I will pay as many people as possible to help me.
I will seek as much advice as posible on social media.
I will read everything under the sun.

Oh, I am confused, why is this so hard? Will I ever get the body I want?
I want it so bad but just don’t know where to start.

Maybe I’ll just keep searching on facebook and asking everyone and one day i’ll find the answer.

My response:
– Love yourself as you are now
– You can be the best version of you, but you will never look like someone else because you are not them
– Move towards a more positive mindset where you focus 100% on health and energy not how you look

Understand that just like anything it takes YEARS of practice to:
– improve and work on your training technique and body alignment, core strength
– grow your muscles
– change your mindset so negative thoughts are replaced by positive thoughts

Wellness is a journey not a destination – you need to embrace it, not strangle it!

You create your own body by your thoughts and actions.
Believe in yourself, take positive actions daily and don’t sweat the small stuff.

If your coach tells you to take rest days, drink more water or see your doctor or physio – do it!
If you are asked to stretch after every workout – do it!
Getting a great, lean body is not about starvation or over training it is about being sensible and listening to your body.

Each client has completely different needs relating to their unique situation – what works for one person, might not work for you.

Dont confuse yourself with too many sources of information – listen to one person.
That’s is the best advice ever!
LISTEN TO ONE PERSON for the duration of a program and follow their advice only.

Health is Weath and the number one priority.
If you dont like yourself on the inside, you will never be happy with your body, no matter what your body composition.

Living Beauty, from the inside out and doing it with love.
These are our tag lines for a reason.

Positive Self Talk is Key

Change your mind to get the body you want!

It takes practice but you can do it!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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