What does a Bikini Champion Eat?

I seem to get this question often and so to avoid repeating myself I will refer you to a previous blog post where I outlined the key steps to being a Bikini Model.

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A huge congratulations to Living Beauty girls Elle Blackwell (Overall Bikini Champion 2010 INBA Adelaide), Amanda Casey 3rd Place Tall Bikini and Christie Rozalikis Bikini competitor.

Christie, Elle and Amanda

I have spent the past week answering emails from other girls in the competition (there were 37 in total) asking how they can improve. And, I will continue to do this as I am passionate about this sport. I was not the head judge anyway, I was just one of 7 judges who’s scores are all added up and then the head judge makes the final tally. I give my opinion based on many years of specialising in this Fitness Model category as a competitor since 2007, coach since 2009 (and being a certified fitness trained since May 1997). See certificates displayed on my web site under “About” and “Qualifications”.

Some glaring things were people tripping on their heels, not wearing a tan or not wearing nice make up – or too much going on – too much jewellery for example. There is also a certain amount of tone that the body must have for bikini and for Fitness you must have abs, so what I am saying is there is always ways to improve.

As I said to one girl this morning:

“One last thing to work on and improve is your stage walk just need a bit more confidence in those heels. Remember you cannot “buy” stage time and each time you step on stage gives you experience. It takes years to perfect your posing, walking and work on every area of your body. Remember it is a personal journey where you only need to compete against yourself.”

That pretty much sums it up and to finish I will leave you with a photo of Gorgeous Elle Blackwell and also the post I made for the INBA SA facebook page.

Elle Blackwell
Champion Bikini Model
21 April 2013
Trained by livingbeauty.com.au

Aspiring Fitness Models – it is NOT rocket science – there is NO secret or special formula – you need a tailored plan with lots of real food and you need to want to take on hard work and lots of it at the gym, you also need to focus on your goal, surround yourself with positive people and believe you can do it.

It takes many years. I am always learning and never think I know it all – I continue to be inspired by the girls I train and even after 15 years working hard at this I will never stop working hard to be my best and to help my clients!

Now I focus on some travel interstate to Coach and Judge. I will be at shows on the Gold Coast and Melbourne and I will also be judging the ANB SA competition (2nd June).

Thanks again to all clients and Assistant Coach Gemma.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

Re posted from INBA Facebook page and written by Amelia Ricci:
Competition Report – INBA Adelaide Classic 21st April 2013

I wanted to take the time to congratulate each and every girl who competed in the INBA SA Fitness Model and Bikini Model Division.

For the first time the division was split into the two categories which certainly makes it a little easier for judging purposes.

Fitness Model – must have a six pack (this means the rectus abdominus muscle is clearly defined with all parts visible)

Bikini Model – must NOT have a six pack and is a softer look (still has good tone but slightly higher body fat)

For more information visit INBA web site at the link below:

I have competed in this category since 2007 and am very happy it has grown to 37 models yesterday.
The Model category is what I specialise in – I only train models and always have since I started my business Living Beauty.
The details are tiny when it comes to judging the girls and these are outlined in my Oxygen Magazine Article:
Click here to read it:

It is a huge achievement just to stand up on stage and compete.
No one should be disappointed if they did not place.
It is simply an opportunity to fine tune further.

Models can compete in many federations including: ANB, INBA, NABBA, IFBB and WNBF.
Each federation has slightly different rules so it is important to read the individual web sites carefully.

The judging panel at the INBA SA consisted of 7 people.
Therefore when the scores are tallied up this comes up with an ultimate result.
Therefore placing in the top 3 is considered a huge achievement.
The top three placings in all model cetagories I felt represented the definition of the above two categories.

I highly recommend Models to email judges directly to seek feedback if they plan to compete again.
There is always some detail on which you can improve and for the model category the stage presence and walk is very important.

Stay positive and realise that you are exceptional for being on the INBA stage yesterday!
You have taken your fitness from AVERAGE to AMAZING and you are at a very high standard.

The main thing to remember is you are living the fitness lifestyle which leads to long term HEALTH and WELLBEING.
When you look around at your community, Australia is struggling with an obesity epidemic.

By participating in a bodybuilding competition you are helping to change the mentality of every day Australians and this is the biggest achievement ever!

Stay focused on your goals, train hard and enjoy every minute of your fitness lifestyle.

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