Want to be Fearless and Achieve Your Goals?

I am really excited about helping my clients achieve long term health. As I always say it is great to look fabulous for one occasion, but the ultimate goal is to look and feel great all year round! Today I want to share:

  • My Post Baby Shape Up – 8 weeks post baby.
  • Tips to Overcome your Fears on your Fitness Journey.
  • The Amazing Transformation of Joanne Bezzina.

My baby boy Orlando is now 8 weeks old, which is very exciting as he is developing each day with a new level of awareness and it is amazing to see how he responds to the world!

Amelia’s 8 weeks post baby shape up – fitness training

My training is now twice a week at the gym for approximately one hour and below is one of my leg workouts.

10 minutes warm up on stationary bike.

Smith Machine Squats 2 sets x 10 reps

Free standing squats (Olympic bar, no weight) 2 sets x 15 reps

Leg extension 3 sets x 15 reps

Leg curl machine 3 sets x 15 reps

To finish 10 minutes of intervals on the cross trainer. 30 seconds flat out, fast! 30 seconds recovery.

10 minutes stretching.

So, my “flat out” is nowhere near as fast as I used to be, but I am okay with that. And, the weights I am using are much less than what I used to do, however I am very happy to take it slowly.

Starting an exercise regime after a break can be daunting and bring fear. Fear can overpower your dreams. Here are some practical tips on how to overcome your fears and accomplish your goals!

This image is from simplereminders.com

This image is from simplereminders.com

Whether you are scared of starting at a new gym, changing your eating habits or stepping on stage as a Novice Fitness Model, fear is within all of us.

Everyone at some point has fears and they may be heightened some days and other days you feel like you can tackle the world!

So, next time you feel worries, scared or anxious about an upcoming goal think about the following points which may help you:

1 – Ask what is the worst that can happen?
Often when you think about it rationally the worst is not too bad!
Fear: Girls often say they feel intimidated training with weights in the gym.
Solution: Try a 24 hour gym where you can go off peak, or research different gyms by asking other girls who train weights.

Fear: If I start a new meal plan or diet I wont be able to stick to it.
Solution: Enlist the help of a qualified trainer. Qualified professionals know you can eat a wide range of foods that will keep your taste buds satisfied and they will also add free meals to your plans.

2 – Get organised
I find that being organised is the key to being fearless.
I write lists, check appointments in my diary and write a new list for each week and each day.

3 – Have a positive attitude
Your mind set is key when trying to increase your motivation and taking positive actions daily. If you think you can do it, you probably will.
Replace every negative thought with a positive thought.
Realise that feelings are not facts.
” I feel bloated today” or “I feel heavy today” is not a fact and may have nothing to do with body fat so don’t believe your thoughts.

4 – Be accountable
If you have a problem, a challenge or a set back, take a deep breath and move forward.
Recognise where you went wrong and try to plan strategies for it not to happen again.
Challenge: I missed a workout
Solution: I pack my gym bag the night before and always keep my gear on hand.
I find this a great strategy.

Challenge: I overindulged at a party on the weekend on food or alcohol.
Solution: Next time I will set myself limits, like 1-2 drinks and also have water, and treat myself to party foods in moderation.

5 – No excuses
Everyone is busy, so be organised and factor everything into your calendar.
Time is a valuable resource and I make sure I allocate finish times to meetings, work tasks and social media. When I am at the gym every workout has a plan and an allocated time frame.

If you stay focused you can set yourself up for success and overcome your fears. Fears diminish of you are organised and have a plan!

Image from simplereminders.com

Image from simplereminders.com


Living Beauty Transformation – Joanne Bezzina.

Transformation Jo Bezzina 1

I wanted to share the transformation of Joanne Bezzina as her determination to succeed this year for the bikini novice competitions has been amazing. She has already inspired a lot of people, and I hope she can inspire you!

I asked Joanne ‘What are the top 5 things that you learned from the Living Beauty Lifestyle that will stay with you for life?’

  • I learnt to not compare myself to others.  The only person I compare to myself is myself, to try and be better than I was yesterday!
  • I grew emotionally and mentally as a person, learned to depend and trust myself more and appreciate my own “personal time” with myself a lot more.
  • I learned how to make better, more nutritionally sound choices and have a healthier mind/body relationship where I have relinquished the guilt I traditionally had with food.
  • I have completely changed my lifestyle to be healthier, more organised and learned that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ – we are a continuous work in progress and I have finally made peace with my body and learned to work with it rather than continuously ‘fight’ with/against it.
  • I am a more positive person, have learned to ‘stop sweating the small stuff’, make more time for my own personal development and family as well as discover who my true support network really consists of.

Transformation of Jo Bezzina 2

Joanne’s Story:

I have always struggled with my weight and toyed around with different “diets and training regimes” and as a result I was always yo-yoing with my weight. I made the decision to change my lifestyle and was fascinated by Amelia’s belief systems.

I am the healthiest I have ever felt and leanest I have ever been. I never feel deprived or need to use fat burners or consume a vast variety of vitamin supplements, as I am getting all the nutrients I need through wholesome food.

I have so much more energy, am mentally clearer and stronger, learned patience, happier and feel more confident, all whilst working towards achieving my goal. The training has also been fantastic as there is no extensive cardio.

I am very thankful to Amelia for her guidance on nutrition, training, posing and beauty secrets – I wouldn’t have reached my successes to date without her.

I am really excited this competition season to have Living Beauty girls compete in fitness competitions, whilst achieving long term health. As I always say it is great to look fabulous for one occasion but you need to look and feel great all year round!

Yours in Health,

Amelia x o

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