Top 5 ways to live like a Living Beauty!

At Living Beauty we had the pleasure of hosting a workshop on Sunday 3rd February with a great group of ladies all keen to learn about the Living Beauty method.

Next Workshop
Date to be announced November 2013

The day covered the following points:

Exercise and Nutrition Facts – How to get lean and stay lean forever!
A calming yoga class taught by Amelia to enhance flexibility and alignment.
What are supplements – which are useful for fat loss?
Tools for the busy woman who has no time to get fit and healthy!

Our message is simple and clear, the top 5 things you can do NOW to make positive changes according to the Living Beauty Method are:

  1. Throw away anything with numbers or artificial sweeteners forever!
  2. Eat vegetables at every meal and try for 5 small meals daily.
  3. Decrease caffeine and increase water consumption.
  4. Exercise with intensity 3 x per week, lift weights, do cardio and incorporate rest days and if injuries come up get treatment immediately and do not train until 100% better.
  5. Fill your mind with positive thoughts  – gossip is junk food for the soul – read positive books and help yourself establish a positive internal voice forever.

Here is some of the feedback we received from participants:

  • Well organised, structured and answered all my questions, read my mind!
  • I loved the small group it made it easy to understand and ask questions.
  • I like the different sections and how the day was broken up into topics.
  • Gemma was very bubbly and used personal experiences to explain her points.
  • Amelia was very down to earth and informative.
  • My favourtite part was learning proper form when performing exercises.
  • The whole session was great, I am empowered to change my mindset.
  • Both Amelia and Gemma were inspirational, knowledgeable and personable. I really enjoyed immersing myself into a day talking about health and fitness.

Thank you to our sponsors who provided generous raffle prizes:

  • Healthy Helpings cook book from Michelle Koen
  • Fruitwise Gourmet Museli and fruit straps

Assistant Coach Gemma Dawson and I will now focus our energy on helping our clients achieve their goals. We are currently working with clients for goals such as a Post Baby Shape up, Shape Up for Life or Fitness Model Competitions – it is all systems GO! Due to our busy schedules our next workshop will be in November.

In the coming months will immerse ourselves in the amazing world of Fitness Competitions!
Come and meet us and get motivated at the following events:

  • Amelia will be judging the INBA Adelaide Classic.
  • Gemma will be fundraising for Royal Society for the Blind at the Living Beauty Stand at the INBA Adelaide Classic (Norwood Townhall, 21st April) for details.
  • Amelia will be judging the ANB – SA Competition – Sunday 2nd June.
  • Amelia and Gemma will be at the ANB Asia Pacific Competition June 9th and 10th (Gold Coast).
  • Amelia will be judging the INBA All Female Muscle Classic, 23rd June (Melbourne)

Have a healthy and happy start to this year and remember to find some time every day for some genuine, heartfelt laughter, be playful and light-hearted. Nurture your sense of humour. It’s your greatest health asset!

Love and Light

Amelia x o


Living Beauty Workshop
February 2013

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