Sarah’s Living Beauty Dream!

What a beautiful, sunny day in Adelaide! How are you feeling at this time of year? I hope you are energetic and happy. If you have been super busy, try one simple thing this week: Drink more water. Carry a bottle of filtered water with you every where you go. If you ever get a headache, have a few glasses of water to make you feel better, often we may be dehydrated!

Today’s story is by Sarah Cowan and I hope you enjoy reading about her journey. If you are thinking about getting in your best shape ever, contact me now for rates and packages. There is never a better time to start than right now, and because my meal plans are not fad diets, and the training is tailored to your life, Living Beauty plans leads to a permanent lifestyle change.

Sarah Cowan did not want to take any supplements at all – no protein powders, no fat burners, nothing! She lives a wholistic lifestyle and these supplements do not agree with her body. With Sarah I designed her plans to suit her preferences using all natural foods and no supplements at all!

By Sarah – My Goal: To become the best Sports Model I could be & feel amazing on stage.

Sarah Shines on stage

I had been to so many Body Building comps over the years, and watch girls in both Sports Model & Figure and just admired their strength & commitment to achieve such a big goal! I knew to achieve something so big as getting on stage you had to basically put your life on hold for 5 months & train, eat & sleep.

At the time I was achieving totally opposite fitness goals like a half marathon & triathlons over the summer. With this sport you still train as much but the structure was not there as much as training to be a sports model. Then one competition when I went to watch friends, I was so amazed by Sports Models in this particular comp (Amelia Ricci & Emma Verlato) they both looked so amazing on stage & I wanted to be like that! Their bodies were perfect!

A few months went by & in the back of my head I was still thinking about doing the competition in 2010. Then early this year my friend Sasha Patsakios & myself decided we would support each other & do the comps together. I then contacted Amelia to get coaching & mentoring through her, as her body was my inspiration! She looked amazing on stage & I knew she could make mine look amazing to.

The first few months started, & Amelia (from Living Beauty) was amazing, she had spent hours doing all our individual meal planners & exercise programs, we were spoon feed on everything to do, which was great! I really found the variety of food & fresh food I was allowed to eat was fantastic, Amelia even gave me alternatives to supplements with natural foods as I do not take supplements.

As the months went on with hard training, dieting & sleeping the days did get harder, having the energy for my own clients some days where tough, but was all worth it! Amelia would always be there with great support whether it was email or phone and also my Boyfriend Nick was amazing support. We had only started going out in January and I started dieting in May, he stuck through my mood swings and supported me every step to the stage. Lots of love to both Amelia & Nick.

Seeing my body change was amazing! You would wake up each morning and feel more and more leaner, this is when you knew comp time was almost there my body was getting so tiny and hot! The prefect meal plan Amelia had set for me was working a treat. Then to organise everything else for stage, which included, bikini, shoes, tanning, makeup, hair, walking classes, stage presence Amelia knew everything she was able to teach us how to be the best sports models we could possible be!

We grew an amazing team of 5 Living Beauty Girls, all competing in the same category of Sports Models. The support from all the girls was amazing! I felt to excited to be part of such a great team, we all bounced off each other & the atmosphere when we all arrived together at comps was unreal.

Getting on stage is one of the biggest goals I have ever achieved! And I would have not been as ready as I was without all Amelia’s amazing work. When the day finally came I couldn’t believe I had actually made it! To think 5 months had gone by and I was now getting my bikini on backstage ready to go and strut my stuff.

I competed in both INBA & WNBF both federations were such a great experience, the support of my friends & family at INBA made this comp my favourite. The buzz when you get on stage to finally show everyone your hard work is unreal, I can not explain this rush unless you are up there. I was so happy, excited and proud to have achieved such a big goal & make everyone around me proud of me.

I always say to everyone, set big goals & dream big-your dreams are a snap-shot of your future, if you want to achieve something get out there and do it! You can do anything you set your mind to! And this exactly what I did.

I am so proud to be part of the Living Beauty Dream, we all achieved big & looked amazing, I recommend anyone to Amelia if you want to have the best possible mentoring to becoming a amazing Sports Model.

Sarah in her Sportswear outfit.

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