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Living Beauty Bride Bec & Amelia at Port Willunga Beach








Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Bec and Michael. Bec did a 12 week Living Beauty “Ultimate Bride Body” plan and you can see in this photo she looked simply amazing. Congratulations Bec and Michael.

Had a bad week? not done your training? too busy?
The most common question I get is how do you do it? Well here is a breakdown of my week including a few tips to help you to make positive changes in your life.

I am not going to bore you with the work stuff so I am only including things in my day and times to indicate how I use small “windows” of the day to get things done to LIVE LEAN & HEALTHY, not just when competing in Sports Model but all year round!!!

6am – wake up and meal prep for my day including breakfast with daily supplements, prep meals for work (gym bag packed the night before)
9am – Met with my boss.
12noon – lunchtime appointment with chiro (for maintaining spinal alignment)
1pm – 5:30pm – crazy pace at work as Marketing Manager
6:15pm – Training weights at the gym
7:30pm – eat dinner, meal prep for next day, pack gym bag for next day, I also help my husband with some of his meal prep for the next day and do a couple of loads of washing
6am – wake up and get ready for work
12noon – Meeting with Assistant Coach Gemma Dawson to discuss her LB clients progress
6:30pm – cardio training, home dinner, unpack, re-pack …you get the idea!
6am – gym – weights
7am – grocery top up – lean protein, just from coles (yes they sell organic chicken and eggs and are open convenient times)
7:30am – first meeting at work
9:15am – photo shoot for work
1pm- shopping in my lunch break
5:30pm – sports massage
6:30pm – home, 2 loads washing, meal prep for a few days in advance
6am – Train at gym – weights
9am – meeting externally, running a bit late so had the iPad out and my assistant signing off print jobs of brochures and flyers whilst we are driving along
More meetings at work and it seemed like a million emails
12:30 – met mum for a quick 30 min peppermint tea
1:00 – back at work til 5pm crazy pace, meetings, deadlines, general stress and working at 100 miles an hour
4:30pm – all s…it hit the fan at work – daily grind, heated discussions, eventually sorted it out!!
6pm – hair dresser and catch up with client Kelly, a LB client and bride to be  – she was there at the same time as me coincidently. Plan out and write notes for a session I have with two girls on Sunday to help them with comp prep.
Always in bed by 10:30
7:15am at work – so much to do, I have to get in early
Parked in the wrong car park, got yelled at …great start to the day!
9am – Meetings back to back
12noon – meet my best friend at the gym for a lunch time workout
1pm – 5pm – work
5pm – grocery top up – organic vegies and supplies from the market
6pm – Answer Living Beauty emails

Each day is different and I am always helping Living Beauty clients every day and also at night but I try to limit computer usage and any facebook “surfing” prior to bed and I relax by reading so I can sleep well.

Have a good week and just enjoy life for the beauty in each day!

Love and Light
Amelia x o

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