Peaceful Living Beauty Christmas

A few of the Living Beauty girls have asked my advice about how to tackle clean eating and maintaining a lean body during the festive season.
I have already obtained holiday timetables of the gyms where I train and I will schedule a minimum of three weights workouts per week (when the gym is open) and then do simple cardio like walking outdoors to enjoy the summer sun!
My Christmas day normally looks like this: Wake up and eat my normal breakfast, followed by a walk with my husband either around my local area or at the beach. I might throw in some stair runs, push ups or tricep dips depending on if I am at the local park or beach. I will eat with awareness of how full I am during the several family events we have. I won’t restrict myself and will try a little bit of most dishes including dessert. As long as I eat until satisfied but not overly full I feel great. Of course for me having so many food intolerances (wheat, gluten, dairy, fodmaps) I choose the foods that don’t aggravate. I certainly don’t deprive myself or eat like a bird. Christmas Day is fun and a time to socialise and share foods with loved ones.
I look at recipe books and adapt recipes into healthy treats. This year I will be bringing my raw avocado lime pie to my parent’s house and then my raw chocolate balls to my in laws for dessert. I don’t rave on about the recipe and how it is healthy …as I have found that just by bringing it and placing on the table for people to try they will make up their own minds and most people don’t even know the difference and like it just as much as a sugary fat laden cake.
I don’t like “crazy nut case” behaviour around food it is not a good look and most of your family and friends will just get annoyed. I don’t make a big deal about my food choices or draw attention to myself and most of the time I load my plate up with so much that no one says anything. I eat much more in volume of food than those who are overweight because my metabolism is working effectively. Most of my plate will be veggies and then lean protein – it really is so easy!
And although I am not a drinker if there is some French champagne on offer I won’t say no to a glass, but after that I will finish the day with lots of water.
So there you go…Christmas Living Beauty style!

Amelia Ricci at The All Female Muscle Classic 2011







Hope yours is filled with peace, joy and happiness.
Love and Light
Amelia x o


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