Overcoming stress at Christmas – how to love every minute!

Have fun this Christmas!







Sometimes Christmas is not all Love and Light! For those who have family members that are badly behaved, argumentative, negative or simply so stressed in their own life that they take it out on others, there is a way to overcome it. You might have also lost a close friend or family member this year and it could be the first Christmas without them which can be
hard to accept.

A great tool for thinking positively is to sit quietly first thing when you wake up and write down 5 things you are thankful for. Gratitude lists are very trendy these days, but they are amazing! You don’t have to write an essay, just spend 5 minutes. This list is very personal, so just keep it to yourself. Place the note somewhere you will have access to consult it when you feel annoyed or down (e.g. your purse, your bedside table drawer?). And when needed, just give it a quick read over. You will be pleasantly surprised how this can change your mood.

Did you know that so much of what is reflected in our outside body starts with the mind. So if you can work on the inside then quite often the body will follow. Living beauty…from the inside out!

Gemma and I had a great catch up this week and reiterated our commitment to work hard for our clients in 2012! It is going to be a big year ahead Living Beauty girls will be doing it with LOVE!

If you want to book in to train with us 2012 spaces are filling fast! Remember we train no more than a handful of clients at any one time. This guarantees exceptional customer service and a genuinely unique program which is just for you and is updated regularly! Just ask our happy clients and read the testimonials with photos posted this week, click here to see the girls amazing stories!

Love and Light to all this holiday season! Get outdoors and enjoy this glorious weather.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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