More than just diets and training! Believe you can do it!

Gemma Dawson, far left on stage ANB Asia Pacific June 2012

If it was just a diet or just some training, everyone would compete!

Yes there are general principles (read any bodybuilding magazine, bodybuilding web site or training manual) but it is putting together a plan that works for the individual.
One quote that comes to mind is by Jack Canfield who wrote the success principles:

Self-esteem is a huge piece of my work. You have to believe it’s possible and believe in yourself. Because after you’ve decided what you want, you have to believe it’s possible, and possible for you, not just for other people. Then you need to seek out models, mentors, and coaches.
Jack Canfield (The Success Principles)

Gemma Dawson, Assistant Coach from Living Beauty understands this and has given the following outline of her experience at the recent competition, ANB in Queensland. From the 5am start to the elation of being in the top 5, it was a great day!

I coached Gemma for this competition and we have Gemma finishing this show and the day after starting a Raw foods plan and then we will transition to her prep for the competitions at the end of the year. Every Coach has a Coach or mentor and this is how we progress and learn!

Tan on… Tan off! So much preparation, visualisation and anticipation and it’s all done!
The ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Model Championships were held in the Gold Coast Monday 11 June 2012 and I am so stoked to announce that I placed 4th in Open Model 2012!
Honestly just had a bunch of fun and everyone should be so so proud of all the effort they put in to get to their best condition EVER!
If it wasn’t your best you still have now to knuckle down, set a goal and make life turn out the way you want it to. Now comp day seems like one big blur from start to finish but I can give you some sort of rundown of my days schedule.

5am                 Rise and Shine

7am                 Leave to get to Venue

7:45am            Hair and Make up at the Venue

9:30am            Competitors Meeting

11am               SHOWTIME…. Open Model Bikini Round, change

Open Model Routine, change

Under 30s Fitness Model Bikini Round, change, wait….

Under 30s Sport theme round, change, wait…..

Under 30s Dress Round, change

Back into Open Model bikini for presentation

Back into Fitness Model Dress for presentation

Take photos because I’m finally able to mingle for two minutes!!

6:15pm           Cab to Dallas Olsen Studio (amazing) – 3 outfits, 3 models, 3 times the fun!

8:15pm           Head out to join Team SA and just have a good time relaxing with the team


Such an amazing day. Steve and Antoinetta Jones put on a spectacular show.
There were over 100 Fitness Models, the best male and female fit bodies from across the Asia Pacific. The MC, Obi Obadike all the way from the US, kept the entertainment going and there was clear direction to all of the competitors about what we needed to do on stage.
Obi is really amazing energetic MC, very personable and kept me smiling on stage.

The back stage staff really stepped up too for this well run event. Backstage crowd control was so good. As there were so many competitors (50 in one of my divisions of under 30 Fitness Model) the staff were still really approachable, easy to ask questions too and knew what was going on.
It just makes the day even easier when everyone is excited, supported and chilled.
After all the hard work people put in to be in their BEST condition, it tops it off by having a wonderful experience with others that love it as much as you.

From the first time competitor to the ones that I have followed in the magazines,
inspired me and that have won world championships or just have amazing stories –
this day is definitely one that is a celebration. The support teams are also in the action, tanning, settling nerves and providing advice to their friends or loved ones. These competitions are far more supportive than people may think – with coaches helping all competitors, and competitors helping each other with tans, bikinis and most importantly taking photos!
BIG TICKS! All my effort will pay off and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do. Thank you for all that helped share it with me, near and far.

To travel from Adelaide to the Gold Coast to be apart of the action would not have been possible without my own support network and I’m always reminded that relationships I have with other far outweigh the titles or the set backs faced along the way.
All overcome because of the support network I have to just listen or provide that advice when asked.

Now after the jan tana tan is scrubbed off and I get to reflect on what I experienced,
I say now that I loved the trip.
I loved that I was able to spend the weekend and get to know people in the industry better and far more than just their diets and training. I love that part of this experience.

To those that I was able to catch up with or finally met – thank you for the chats,
they really made my weekend. I competed at my healthiest and there is really only opportunities from here. -Gemma Dawson

Thank you Gemma!

As my focus now moves to the All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne, where I will be judging, so it is an extremely busy time.

Living Beauty clients started preparing for September back in May.
And, all of these girls set their goal back in January.

This may give you some idea of the planning that goes into setting an important goal.

Stay motivted this winter as I update this blog with what’s happening at Living Beauty!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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