Kickstart fitness motivation – Amelia’s tips

In the Western world some of us need to harden up! After watching on TV this week what people from war torn countries go through, just to attain a simple right of freedom, it really makes me appreciate life. In Australia, we not only have freedom but the ability to choose what we want to do from a wide range of opportunities.
The small annoyances of the daily grind will always be there but it is how we think that will determine a positive or negative experience on a daily basis. I try not to get down about daily issues like: stress and deadlines at work, feeling overcommitted to family obligations or social obligations, or housework including endless washing, cleaning and errands.
And on the other side I try to take joy in the simple things:
• Choosing fresh fruit and vegies from the market and appreciating the colours and smells
• I spend a few minutes each day chatting to loved ones and friends, focusing on being present in conversation, not distracted.
• Doing a really challenging workout and rising to the challenge and appreciating the fact that I have physical health (as opposed to being sick, injured or living with a disability).
• Smiling at the small things, like a work colleagues joke, a mistake I may make (this week accidentally put a salad in the microwave!).
So you see it is the small stuff that keeps a positive outlook. It is all about how your frame your world. Frame your world in a positive light and make the most of each day.

Cherish the relationships, opportunities and freedom we have in the lucky country Australia. Life is amazing, love it, dream big and plan to make your dreams a reality!
Whatever you want you can have, it will just take commitment and planning, we are so lucky to live in a society where we have choices. Don’t let the small stuff get in your way.

Make changes now, be bold, be unique, and implement fresh ideas into your daily life!

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