Living Beauty takes top three!

Nicole, Alisa, Amelia, Grace and Gemma

A competition is a great goal to have if you want to get in shape. Last weekend four Living Beauty athletes stepped on stage to compete in the NABBA/WFF Miss Glamour line up. Out of ten girls in the competition Gemma Dawson took third place, with other Living Beauty girls Nicole Greenslade, Alisa Joukovski and Grace Tohl also presenting a great look on stage.

This category looks for a good muscle structure and a lean body bust most importantly the looks of a model. It is a beauty contest and the total look is judged incorporating a beautiful face, hair, tan, nails and costumes. The girls come out three times to be judged and the rounds include the Bikini round, Sportswear and then Evening dress to finish. The bikini round is where the body can be most accurately assessed in terms of physical structure and a lean athletic look. The judges are not looking for the muscularity of a bodybuilder, nor the extremely low percentage body fat of a figure competitor.

In this Miss Glamour (or Sports Model) category the judges look for a healthy athletic physique and a beautiful look on stage. So it is a combination of getting lean but also taking care with all the finishing touches of beauty preparation to ensure the complete polished look. Once this is achieved the competitor also has to present herself well with a model walk on stage and several quarter turns to present her body from all angles to be judged.

Congratulations to all Living Beauty girls. If anyone is thinking of training for September/October season in Sports Model, now is the time to sign up. For more information visit or contact

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