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Amelia Ricci

Stay tuned for competition results! From next Saturday onwards I will be reporting on the results from the upcoming shows in Adelaide. We have four competitions in Adelaide until the end of October and then many of the Living Beauty athletes will travel to the National shows. Keep up to date with the latest photos on my blog!

We will also post photos from our team photo shoot yesterday.

I am passionate about my clients getting results. I am a coach with 15 years of experience and a desire to share my knowledge so that all women can learn the tools of training and nutrition to be their best.

The key is eating lots of nutrient dense food and training hard. With a structure in place anyone can change their body, but the desire must be there. As well as desire to change you must put the steps in place such as setting aside time for shopping and cooking fresh food and putting your training in your diary.

Spring has sprung! This time of year is great for a Cleanse and there is nothing better than feeling lighter and energized. Change of season is a great time to do a cleanse program and not only will it rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit but it will clean your body from the inside out!

I have put together the Living Beauty Cleanse program with this in mind. This is a tried and tested program which will leave your cells bursting with nutrients and energy. Your eyes will be brighter, your skin will glow and you will literally leap out of bed each morning with energy!

The plan lasts for two days so it is easy to stick to. There is a little bit of walking and stretching involved but nothing strenuous. You need a juicer, fresh fruits and vegetables and time to prepare the juices and recipes. The program is best done on two consecutive days off and I normally do this plan over a weekend.

If you want a cleanse you can trust, something that will uplift and rejuvenate your body and kick start your cell renewal then contact Amelia today!

The investment is $90. To sign up just email Amelia today!

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