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It is this time of year that I reflect on the year and what is important to me. I can honestly say the best part of life this year has been my relationship with my husband during our very first year of marriage and the friendships I have maintained with old friends and also the new friends I have met.
It is so important to peel back the superficial layers of how we look and just see everyone around us and their inner beauty. The main reason I exercise is because I feel more energetic, I like to feel toned and light. I do love fitness for the aesthetic side but I never judge anyone on what they look like. The reason is I have been in the fitness industry for too long for anyone’s looks to matter to me.
The condition of our body on the outside reflects what’s going on inside and because life is not perfect the peoples bodies around us re in a constant state of change. It was one of Deepak Chopra’s books “Perfect Health” that I read back in 1995 that says “We all tend to see our bodies as frozen sculptures – solid, fixed, material objects – when in truth they are more like rivers constantly changing, flowing patterns of intelligence.

If you “pinch an inch” around your waist, the fat you are squeezing between your fingers is not the same as it was last month. Your adipose tissues (fat cells) fill up with fat and empty out constantly, so that all of it is exchanged regularly. You acquire a new stomach lining every five days, your skin is renewed every 5 weeks. You appear to be the same outwardly, yet you are like a building whose bricks are constantly replaced by new ones. To change the printout of the body, you must change the software of the mind.
When I start training a client I never have limiting beliefs about what they look like now as I know and believe with all my integrity that anything is possible. And the same after they finish their plan with me, I teach them tools for life so they understand how to maintain their results. And, for girls doing a fitness competition it can be the most challenging as they must gain weight after the show to be healthy and this can be mentally tough to accept.

So I guess this is why I never look at some one on contest condition and idolise it as it can be gone a few months later. My friends that compete or do not compete are all the same to me – it is their inner beauty that emotionally connects me to them and makes them my friend.

And, now I am introducing you to Ruth Rowe who trained with me this year. Ruth is a Tae Kwondo gold medallist reaching for Olympic Level. Ruth transformed into an elegant sportsmodel for the stage this year and I believe she is a great role model for anyone wishing to compete.

Ruth and Amelia backstage!

Ruth’s Story
What was your motivation for competing?
I was losing motiviation to train for my sport (Taekwondo) and needed a challenge as well as something to keep me exercising and fit. Training for a sports model competition was completely left field for me, I had no idea how to approach this sport, going from kicking people to having to look my ultimate best for show.
What was the biggest challenge during your preparations?
Sticking to the meal plan. Primarily because I was used to a much higher carb content diet due to what Taekwondo and it’s training required, and having to cut back and telling myself that I actually don’t need that much carbs now was a really big adjustment. Probably also time and rest. I work like crazy and a pretty unusual schedule compared to the norm, so fitting in my meals at the right time and getting enough sleep at night.
What sort of thing’s did the Living Beauty program provide for you?
Direction and guidance. From food and training to tan and bikini, Amelia was amazing and looked after everything. I’m generally a stress head, but the way she looked after me, it took everything away from my hands and I just had to do what was said – it was great!
It also allowed me to meet not only Amelia, but 4 other amazing ladies that were training under Amelia, whom I probably would have never met in normal circumstance, but now gained 5 new gorgeous friends 🙂
Did you have any issues with post competition blues and how did you handle this?
Directly after competition I didn’t have any blues, actually it picked things up for me as it brought back my motivation for Taekwondo. Even though I hadn’t trained in Taekwondo specifically for 5 months, I still attended the National Championships 2 weeks after our last sports model competition, fought in a lower division that I hadn’t been able to get down to in about 6 years…and I won gold! The fitness and the strength work that I did with Amelia carried me through, and then just past experience to get me over the line 🙂
However, after the Nationals, when I had nothing in the near future, yes I did feel weird. I wouldn’t really say the “blues”, but just lazy, fatigued and unstructured. I was genuinely concerned with my health, as it felt so strange to be doing less and being more tired, but after chatting to the other Living Beauty girls and Amelia, it was obvious that my body just was catching up on the all insanity I was putting it through before. Plus, I went on a bit of a splurge with food and decreased the exercise for a bit, which wouldn’t have helped! All is good now though 🙂
What are your future plans for fitness or competing?
I’m back to focusing on Taekwondo next year as I would like to compete at another World Championships and be in the running for 2012 Olympics. However, dependant on how things go, I would love to do another sports model comp at some stage next year. It’s a breath of fresh air for me, as Taekwondo is my baby and I’m very competitive there, but with sports model, I’m doing it purely for fun. It’s my little side project that I don’t feel pressure, but can enjoy the journey as well as the final outcome 🙂
What’s your next challenge?
Well…besides Taekwondo and Sports Modelling…I have recently gotten engaged…so planning a wedding will definitley keep me busy!!!

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