Incredible Body Transformations

Body transformations, love them or hate them, these photos flood Instagram promising a hot bikini body. The shocking truth is many people revert back to old habits AFTER the program and stack ALL the kilos back on!

At Living Beauty Fitness we work differently and our clients maintain their results. How?

  • Sustainable lifestyle program with NO starvation diets.
  • Weight training programs are designed for individuals – catering to all levels and any pre-existing injury is managed.
  • Smart training designed to elevate metabolism for hours after the workout.
  • Meal plans contain delicious recipes that are so yummy you won’t believe they are healthy.
  • Coaches (Amelia and Gemma) with over 20 years Fitness Australia qualifications and experience who really CARE.

IMG_3165Joanne Bezzina – Body Transformation

My story is one that I am sure many people can identify with. For the first 34 years of my life, I was always overweight – and I don’t mean by a couple of kilograms. I mean by at least 27kgs!

I had reached my all-time heaviest of 87kgs and I decided I had had enough. I was tired of feeling unhealthy, sluggish, bloated, negative and depressed. I was always tired and felt like I was dragging myself around and was always getting sick. The worst part – I had NO self-esteem, self-confidence or sense of worth!
In 2013, even after having lost some weight and weighing 70kgs, I decided to set myself some serious goals and enter my first Bikini Competition. I had entered multiple 12 week challenges at my previous gym, losing a couple of kilos only to then put them back on and then some.
I started researching some coaches. I wanted a coach that provided me with a personalised training and nutrition program, with no pills, potions, gimmicks and artificial “quick-fixes”.

Someone to guide me not only through the process, but most importantly, provide me with post-comp support.

I also wanted a program where I could eat a variety of food, not be starved and have to train ridiculous amounts of hours per day as I have a full time job.
Fast forward to my third competition and I have never been happier with my results, the support I have received through Living Beauty and friends that I have made but most of all, the feeling of great health and wellbeing.
Just recently, I competed at the Fit Bikini Extravaganza in the Gold Coast organised by Amelia. My trip to the Gold Coast was an amazing experience! I not only got to do a photo shoot with Dallas Olsen at Oxygen Magazine headquarters, but got to meet Lindy Olsen and the team at Oxygen!
Best of all, I got to share this experience with my Living Beauty coach and three of my Living Beauty sisters! Words cannot describe just how amazing and surreal it all was! I grew so much on a personal, emotional and spiritual level and I am forever grateful to Amelia and my Living Beauty family for their continual support and guidance.

Jo Bezzina - Living Beauty Transformation.

Jo Bezzina – Living Beauty Transformation.

The Living Beauty principles are:
• There are no ‘quick fixes’
• Love yourself no matter what – we are ALL beautiful in many ways
• Self-confidence and feeling of self-worth
• Eating healthy, enjoying life and training smarter, not harder
• Get results without chemical loaded supplements
• “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – our bodies are a work in progress
• Don’t compare yourself to others – make you your only competitor
• Mental and emotional resilience
• Being prepared is key to achieving your success – one of my favourite quotes is “if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail” and
• Skills, tools and strategies that have helped me in so many other parts of my life.

IMG_3166The best advice I can give anyone is this – if you have been struggling with feeling unhealthy and unfit and unsupported, Living Beauty will change your life! It did mine and I will be forever grateful to Living Beauty for how they have helped me transform, not only physically but mentally and emotionally!

Elle Blackwell – Body Transformation


This was an AMAZING year for Elle! Already a Bikini Model Champion (and training with Living Beauty for 3 years) Elle placed 1st in  the 2015 Miss International Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza and also competed at the ANB Fitness Model competition placing third two weeks earlier.

We were thrilled for Elle to win the competition after years of hard work transforming her body!

We were thrilled for Elle to win the competition after years of hard work transforming her body!

Advice from Elle: You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to achieve a bikini body.

You need good nutrition, to be active daily, adequate rest…. And some patience.

Looking at yourself in the mirror or jumping on the scales at the end of the week and throwing the towel in because you haven’t seen HUGE changes yet is only going to put you back at square one.

Fad diets or starving yourself is not going to get you long term results, or be a sustainable lifestyle.

Buying tubs of chemicals … ‘Fat burn’, ‘shred up’, ‘special elixir’, is only going to cost you money you don’t need to spend, and is not sustainable. Do you want to sign up to pay for this stuff forever…

You can achieve a healthy bikini body without all this. You don’t need to be hungry all the time, keep starting over or keep handing out your hard earned cash. You just need to follow sensible training and eating … And stick to it.

My body transformation – One year post baby

IMG_2545I set myself a goal post baby to shape up the healthy way and set an example for my clients that you do not have to rush it or resort to drastic measures. I lost 25 kilos to step on stage and felt amazing on stage.

Christie Rozalikis – Photo Shoot Goal complete!

12196347_10153870260179180_4441322311853364641_nAs part of their goals I arranged a photo shoot for the girls at Oxygen Magazine with Dallas Olsen and this is a beautiful image of Christie who embodies health, happiness and confidence. Christie is also a fitness ambassador and uses the program

Fit Bikini Model Event was a great experience and congratulations to all for such a fun and rewarding trip.

Christie, Amelia, Elle and Jo at the competition.

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