I Want a Fitness Model Body!

Leanne Wright 3rd Place and Bec Rosewall Fitness Model Champion
INBA Competition – Sept 2012

How do the Living Beauty Models look like that?

The most common question I am asked is “I want to look like a sports model but don’t want to compete, how do I get that body?”

Well I am going to tell you the principles we used at Living Beauty to achieve some great results.
In fact Living Beauty girl Bec had winning results placing first at the INBA Natural Bodybuilding competition in the Fitness Model category.
And, third place went to another Living Beauty Leanne.
Congratulations girls for this amazing achievement on Sunday 30th September, 2012!

I have been training girls for many seasons now and just to keep track I have listed their placings below, but how did they do it?

1 – LIFT WEIGHTS – a challenging weights program a minimum of 4 x per week
2 – NOT TOO MUCH CARDIO – it took between 12 – 20 weeks to get in shape
The girls lifted heavy weights and did minimal cardio and then I gradually increased their cardio over time
I also changed their weights program every 4-6 weeks
3 – COMPOSITION NOT WEIGHT LOSS – I planned a program to change the girls body composition – increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat
The scales did not drop too much, because muscle is heavier than fat
4 – EAT A LOT OF FOOD REGULARLY (5 meals a day) – lots of protein and moderate carbohydrates – no sugars and no processed foods
It is clean food and no sugar – for example eggs, chicken, fish, steak and lots of veggies, with carbs including sweet potato, brown rice and oatmeal
3 – NO MAGIC BULLET OR PILLS were used – especially no fat burning pills or stimulants
They were not allowed to take supplements that could be detrimental for long term health – health is a priority
5 – SLEEP – rest is very important for their success – recovery is when muscle grows
When muscle grows a harder muscle forms and this achieves the “toned” look
6 – WATER & VEGGIES eat a truckload of vegetables and drink loads of water
Up to 250grams of Veggies 3-4 per day plus 3-4 litres of water per day
7 – be patient, your body takes time to transform – this is no quick fix starvation plan

Living Beauty has a no gimmick approach, we will never risk our clients health.

And there you have it – the truth of how models look like that!

Here are our results below – they are significant as we are a small boutique business and we provide a very tailored service.
Each girl below worked very hard for her achievement, even if she won or placed simply stepping on stage was an achievement!

Client list trained by Living Beauty
Season One
April/May 2010 – INBA and NABBA SA State Shows
Emma Verlato 2nd place INBA Sports Model
1st Place Nabba Miss Glamour
Rebecca Wallace 3rd place INBA Sports Model
2nd Place Nabba Miss Glamour


Season Two
INBA and WNBF State Shows
Sept/Oct 2010
Gemma Dawson
2nd place, INBA (SA),
1st Place, WNBF (SA),
4th place INBA National,
unplaced WNBF Asia Pacific
Sasha Patsakios – 4th place INBA (SA), 3rd place WNBF (SA)
Sarah Cowan – INBA SA and WNBF SA unplaced
Ali McPherson- INBA SA and WNBF SA unplaced
Ruth Hock (Rowe) –  INBA SA and WNBF SA unplaced


Season One

April/May 2011
Gemma Dawson – 2nd place INBA (SA), 3rd place Nabba/WFF (SA)
Grace Tohl – 3rd place INBA (SA), unplaced  Nabba (SA)
Nicole Greenslade – unplaced INBA (SA) and Nabba (SA)
Alisa Joukovski – unplaced INBA (SA) and Nabba (SA)

June 2011
Gemma Dawson – ANB Open Model – unplaced
ANB Fitness Model Under 30 – 8th

July 2011 – Amelia competed at the All Female Muscle Classic
Sports Model 3rd Place!

Season Two

September/October 2011
Patricia Muller
INBA and WNBF National, unplaced
Sasha Patsakios
INBA – 4th place
WNBF State & National
Nabba – 3rd place
3rd place NABBA SA State show
Gemma Dawson
WNBF Asia Pacific 3rd place (National)
INBA Nationals 6th place
INBA Universe, Sports Model Unplaced


Season One

March 2012 – Gemma Dawson Fit X IFBB Bikini
In conjunction with Urbanbodyworks

April/May 2012
Fatima Ingles 2nd Place Nabba, 3rd Place INBA
Leah Mills – INBA (SA) and NABBA (SA) unplaced
Amber Thompson 4th place INBA- NABBA SA Show, INBA SA Show

June 2012 – ANB Asia Pacific Open Fitness Model Gold Coast – Gemma Dawson 4th place
June 2012 – All Female Muscle Classic – Vanessa Harwood (unplaced) Novice Bikini

Season Two

Leanne Wright
ANB Fitness Model – 2nd Place
WNBF USA Figure – 2nd Place
INBA Fitness Model – 3rd Place
Nabba/WFF Nationals, Miss Glamour – unplaced

Bec Rosewall
WNBF Best Body Swimsuit – 4th Place
INBA (SA) 2012 Fitness Model Winner – 1st Place

Leanne Wright
Fitness Model – 3 Trophies in 3 weeks
Trained by Living Beauty 2012

Stay tuned for a fantastic competition season in 2013!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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