Holiday Workout Routine – No Gym Required!

What a week! I just returned from doing a photo shoot with Dallas Olsen on the Gold Coast and catching up with the gorgeous Lindy Olsen, Editor of the Oxygen Magazine! Following this I headed up to Cairns in far north Queensland where I did some great workouts at my apartment – dont mind my beetroot red face – it is a very hot and humid climate!

It is not hard to stay in shape whilst travelling, have a look at my routine below!

Resistance Band Glute Work – Butt blast & Hand stand against a wall!

Above shows an exercise using a resistance band which is light and easy to pack on holidays!

Amelia performing resistance band bicep curls.

I would alternate upper and lower body exercises to keep the body moving.

The Wall hand stand is advanced and I built up to it over many years of yoga!

Squat and then Jump! – This plyometric exercise is again advanced. I try for ten reps in a row and always land with bent knees and good alignment, keeping my core super strong.

OK so this was one workout – I did these exercises after a one hour beach walk and this workout lasted 25 minutes and then I did stretch all my major muscle groups and of course drank lots of water to stay hydrated!

Skipping Rope and One Legged Squats

So this was another workout – I started with one minute of skipping after warming up with a 30 minute beach walk. Then I arranged a chair and simply did a one leg squat 10 reps each leg. The squat is harder that it looks as you need to control your body weight down onto the chair and then to stand up drive up through the heel and use your abs for stability.

Ab Curl and Rotation.
Single Leg Lunge.

And lastly I did single leg lunges 20 each leg. Then followed this with an abdominal exercise which involved a sit up and a rotation to one side for 15 reps (alternating the side).

I would simply repeat the above exercises in a circuit for about 30 minutes and then finish my work out with a good stretch.

The two workouts above are not meant to be prescriptive of what you should do but rather give you a few ideas of how easy it is to stay in shape on holidays. No excuses!

By keeping my training on track I felt very energetic. I had a great catch up with my friend Amber Walker which was fantastic and also did a lot of touring around the Gold Coast and Cairns – it was great fun!

Upon returning home I then presented at the Local Government Managers conference to a group of 100 people and felt honoured to be able to share the Living Beauty method with the corporate audience so they can make some positive changes in their life. This Women’s Conference theme was “Harvest Your Potential”and a big thank you to Gemma who also attended this event and helped out at the trade stand. For a photo see Amelia Ricci Sports Model onĀ facebook.

Love and Light

Amelia x o




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