Healthy Christmas tips and free bikini-friendly recipes

Clean Eating at Christmas

Tackling clean eating during the festive season can be a challenge – but you don’t have to eat carrot sticks to maintain a lean body and here’s how I do it…

Amelia Ricci, bikini competition 1 year post baby

My Christmas day: Wake up and eat breakfast Fitness Model Pancakes, followed by a walk with my husband and baby son Orlando either around my local area or at the beach. I might throw in some stair runs, push ups or tricep dips.

During lunch and dinner I will eat with awareness and will try a little bit of most dishes including dessert. As long as I eat until satisfied but not overly full I feel great.

12346415_919687161413436_2800647329790045885_nI have food intolerance’s (wheat, gluten, dairy, FODMAPS) and therefore I choose the foods that don’t aggravate. I certainly don’t deprive myself or eat like a bird. Christmas Day is fun to socialise and share foods with loved ones.

I love making my raw avocado lime pie. I don’t emphasise how healthy it is …I simply place it on the table for people to try!

Amelia's Raw Avocado and Lime Pie

Amelia’s Raw Avocado and Lime Pie

Here are some tips from Living Beauty Client Amanda Casey

IMG_3673 (2)


Living Beauty Fitness Models and Assistant Coach Gemma Top row: Vanessa, Thuy, Jo H, Jo B, Gemma Front: Elle, Amanda, Marguerita and Amelia

Enjoy foods in moderation
The silly season is one time of the year to relax, and spend time with family and friends.  Eat the foods you enjoy in moderation.  But just remember balance!  It’s perfectly OK to have some Christmas Pudding, but perhaps offset by eating little less creamy pasta and more veggies.

Stay hydrated
Ensure you stay hydrated.  Not only due to the Aussie heat, but also to combat that bloated feeling.  As you will enjoy foods that may not normally be on your plan, you may feel bloated.  Drink adequate water to also offset those sneaky wines!

Continue to train
Stick to your normal training schedule.  You will feel so much better and less guilty if you train as per normal.  If anything, use the extra food to set personal bests in the gym or beating your run time.

Wise words from Amanda Casey, Living Beauty Fitness Model:Above all, be kind to yourself.  Remember balance.  Use this time of year to recharge and reflect, set goals and spend time with family and friends.”

Amanda ready for her fitness competition in Adelaide and All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

Amanda competes at INBA All Female Muscle Classic in Melbourne

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042-043_TRAINING_PILATES_OXY82#0001 - Copy


A great way to start the new years is with my Yoga and Wellness Program. within 2 days you will feel amazing and with smoothies soups and sweet treats you will never go hungry. Not to mention the easy to follow yoga sequence is suitable for beginners who have never done yoga before.

Click here for more free recipes.

So there you go…Christmas Living Beauty style!
Hope yours is filled with peace, joy and happiness.

Amelia x o


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