Golden Sporting Moment – How to get Confidence on Stage!

Gemma and Amelia








Last weekend I attended Fit X Sports Expo in Melbourne. It was great to travel over with past Living Beauty athletes Sasha and Ali (from 2010 and 2011 competition season).We went over to support Living Beauty Assistant Coach Gemma Dawson. Gemma competed in the IFBB Bikini Division and looked absolutely gorgeous, a picture of glowing health and she also presented a very lean and shapely muscle structure. Her presentation was flawless and her confidence and stage presence a joy to watch. Gemma has shared the following photo, well done and congratulations on achieving another goal!

Gemma at Fit X








Preparation and planning are essential for an athletes confidence. Setting personal, achievable and positive goals helps build confidence as does preparing thoroughly for training, competition and the unexpected.
What causes worry and anxiety in individuals is fear of the unknown. “Future worry” causes people a lot of undue stress. In sport it can ruin a golden sporting moment.
Here are some tips:
• Don’t wait to feel confident, create confidence
• Planning and preparation lead to confidence
• Confidence is a frame of mind that enables you to confront any challenge enthusiastically and without a fear of failure
• Choose the best response in every situation
• Prepare for the unexpected
• Leaving things to the last minute creates worry and doubt
• Focus on what you want to happen
• Focus in your strengths
• Mental imagery can improve athletic performance without any additional physical training, practise visualising your competition day and what you want to happen
• Mental imagery build confidence as we mentally see and experience success

CONFIDENCE is your secret weapon on stage! You can have the best meal plan and training program but you must be confident and SMILE on stage!
I have been feeling creative lately and today want to share with you my Pancake recipe for those who requested it.

Living Beauty Kale Pancakes








Living Beauty “Green Pancakes”
½ c ground quinoa (I grind fresh in thermomix)
3 egg whites
6 kale leaves
½ banana
1 tsp gluten free baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
Blend into a smooth pancake batter, gently cook both sides in a non stick fry pan using organic coconut oil.
All the best on your health and fitness journey.
Love and Light
Amelia x o

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