Gemma Dawson’s Journey – How to Compete 16 Times & Love Every Minute!

Let’s imagine there were no limits to your ability to change your body.
You could look great all year round and then when you need to you can drop a few kilos of fat FAST. You feel energetic, have energy to work a corporate management job, and the best thing is you keep your weight within a few kilo range and MAINTAIN it for life?

I met Gemma Dawson back in 2010 and since this time I have enjoyed every minute of working with her! Gemma was part of the September 2010 Team – Click here to see the team (Oct 1 2010)

She then continued her path on stage in many more shows:
INBA April 2011 – Click here for photos

WNBF Nationals – photos

And read here for Gemma’s amazing blog from ANB June 2012
These past blogs catalog Gemma’s journey and will prove useful for anyone wanting to follow her path of making fitness fun! I am also lucky enough to work with Gemma as she is Assistant Coach for Living Beauty and now she can help other girls achieve their dreams. It is not just for competitions, but for every day women wanting to get in shape – maybe after a baby, or just to look and feel better!

Gemma Dawson Backstage
ANB June 10th 2013
Backstage is crowded and high energy
I loved being a backstage helper
A novelty after judging so often!

Friendships last a lifetime and I was especially proud when I travelled to FIT X in Melbourne with other members of the Living Beauty Team last year. Both Sasha Patsakios and Ali McPherson from the Living Beauty Team supported Gemma when she competed in March 2012 (see March 23 2010 Blog and Photos). It is always nice to have familiar faces in the crowd cheering for you and I will never forget Gemma’s face when all three of us were screaming her name at Fit X !! We love this sport!

I like to KEEP IT REAL and honest when I post updates Рit is damn hard work, not just glamour,  and so over the weekend I posted a LOT Рit was great to see all past Living Beauty clients really showed their support this past weekend, as I posted as it happened on my FACE BOOK page

Gemma has competed in the ANB Asia Pacific Show every year for three years and this year I would have to say was her best!
We worked together to perfect her look including: tanning, hair and make up and stay on track with all the plans for the competition weekend!

This is designed to let you know that ATTITUDE and HARD WORK are vital on your journey to the stage. The weekend was amazing but it took a lot of planning.

  • New bikini’s from Jo Rogers at Style on Stage
  • Outfits for the numerous photo shoots.
  • Flights and Accommodation.
  • Transport (the registration and first photo shoot was in Surfers Paradise, the competition day was in Robina).
  • And, we were lucky enough to also have an awesome shoot with the Oxygen Magazine Crew – Thank you Lindy, Dallas and Lauren!

At my Oxygen Shoot!
Make sure you get the current edition
on Post Comp Nutrition
Amelia Ricci – Oxygen Writer
Head Coach Living Beauty

The hard work paid off and Gemma should be congratulated on her professionalism and integrity.
Here is to another 10 years training, laughing and hanging out together  Рrepresenting our love of health РLiving Beauty!

Love and Light
Amelia x o

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