FITNESS FACTS – 7 things I know about Getting Fit


1. There is no QUICK FIX or Gimmick that works – you must make positive daily changes, small steps of trial, error, learning, continuous improvement.

2. If I want to drop a few kilo’s I eat MORE in volume of vegetables and less treats. Maybe for dinner 2 zucchini’s, plus kale, broccoli, red capsicum, cauliflower – that is just in 1 meal, plus I add protein. It is not about deprivation, when I eat more veggies I feel GREAT.

3. I am always exercising, whether it be walking EVERYWHERE, weights, yoga or an exercise DVD when time poor – exercise is my solution for EVERY negative emotion.

4. Over the years I keep changing my training regime all the time.
I enjoy trying different training all the time, rather than stick with my fave exercises that I have become good at, I am not afraid to get outside my comfort zone and try anything once!

5. Fitness starts with self belief and positive self talk.
I never understood HOW to do this.
It is about mastering your internal “Chatter” the voice in your head.
Everyone has doubts and negative thoughts, it is about repeating a positive thought when I negative one enters your head.
Click here for something I wrote about replacing negative with positive thoughts.

6. Getting fit is NOT hard, your thoughts make it hard.
Advertising and marketing make it hard because they distract you.
You don’t need anything more than real fresh produce, fresh water and a strong will to move in some way  – every day.

7. Food is your Friend
Food really has changed over the past ten years and all sorts of nasty stuff is in our foods. All you need to do is read any label at the supermarket and you cannot even understand the un-recognisable names of ingredients.

If you feel tired and hungry all the time you are probably not eating enough nutrient dense foods! Get veggies into everything you make, reduce caffeine, refined foods, non organic meat and bad additives (like trans fats, simple salt,sugar – the white death) and everything will change for you.

No need to stress about it just do it gradually and if you can get rid of the nasties for the majority of the time your body will love it.

Want to know how to put Fitness Facts together for Your Best Body?
Meet us at our Adelaide Workshop, March 30th, 2014.

Following great success in 2012 and 2013, our workshop will talk about how you can stay lean and have a flat stomach all year round.

I have never excluded carbohydrates and I eat carbohydrates for example: rice cakes, sweet potato, pumpkin, brown rice, basmati rice, gluten free bread. I eat a heap of green and red vegetables and plenty of protein combined with good fats.

If you have ever been unsure about: meal timing, portion sizes, fitting into the one clothing size all year round, feeling light and energetic – then this is the workshop FOR YOU.

Not only will you get nutritional advice, you will receive a FREE gift bag (valued at $50) full of great health and fitness products. PLUS the day includes a yoga class with Amelia and exercise tips you always wanted to know!

Suitable for beginners to advanced, this workshop is always a sell out.

Gemma and Amelia Fitness Professionals

Gemma and Amelia
Fitness Professionals

Email for the flyer listing all topics. Or simply Contact ME via my web site

The workshop is suitable for every day people wanting to get facts. We make it simply for busy people wanting to keep balance in their lives, but also get fitter.

Don’t miss out, spaces are limited so everyone gets attention and their questions answered. Email for the flyer listing all topics.

Final thought: A Beautiful Mind leads to a Beautiful Body – Think positive thoughts and be confident in your ability to change and tackle any of life’s daily problems and challenges.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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