5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016

When the year kicks off with fireworks and champagne we are ALL super excited! We set our goals and then enthusiasm drops off as we realise – OMG it’s almost February! Rather than setting crazy goals, stay on track with my super easy tips.
5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016.

  1. Think positive
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Let’s get fit and strong together STRONG is the new skinny!

  • When you commit to a goal think “I WILL BE MY BEST, I CAN DO THIS”. Don’t think of negative reasons why you won’t achieve it and talk yourself out of it.
  • Write your goal down and WHY you want to achieve it – read this often.
  • Your thoughts are like the front wheels of a car, if you are constantly thinking negatively, you will ultimately end up somewhere you don’t want to be.
  • Remember no matter how great your exercise plan is – No one can do the work for you.
  • Likewise with meal prep, choose to put fresh food into your body because you feel more energetic!

I have FEAR of FAILURE – just like YOU – but if positivity can outweigh our fears then happiness and success will prevail.

Many of us think that others have it easier in life than we do. I prefer to approach life understanding that we all have struggles. I acknowledge the stress and challenges in life but choose relaxation strategies like Yoga.

2. Be Inspired

Check out this amazing transformation.

Living Beauty Fitness Fitness Model AdelaideMarguerita Costa created the body tone she desired and achieved her goal of stepping on stage as a bikini model.

I completed the Living Beauty competition program and achieved my dream to step on stage as a bikini model. After the competition I started the 4 week bikini body program and loved the results it gave me for the long term. Amelia provides a variety of different meal options along with tasty recipes that you can never get sick of. The training program is easy to follow, well-structured and has allowed me to feel leaner, stronger and more confident in my body.

Marguerita studies Dental Hygiene and also has a job plus family commitments. She found the program easy to follow due to the structure of the meals being easy to eat at breaks and workouts were able to be done before or after work.

3. Know your fitness facts

Knowledge is power when you want to stay motivated. Make sure you fill your brain with fitness facts not fiction. Read my articles in Oxygen Magazine.

flat abs post baby flat abs post babyFind out how to get flat abs with Pilates as I present a new workout sequence that will work magic on your core. Full article here.

Read about finding balance when competing and the one person who means to most to me when I am up on stage at a bikini competition. Full article here.

Fitness Models Fitness Models

This month’s edition of Oxygen Magazine Australia is now at newsagents. Grab your copy or subscribe.

4. Refresh your exercise program

Workout MotivationClick for your free workout.

5. Set a challenge

We are running workshops and posing classes for fitness models, catering from beginners to those who have competed before – join us for a 6 week course in Adelaide. Click to get the info flyer.

Adelaide Fitness Model Training

We all need to stop waiting for the perfect time to change our habits – the perfect time is now!

4 week bikini body challenge

Amelia xx

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