Drop a Dress Size with Living Beauty!


Amelia and Gemma
Coaches at Living Beauty


Two dress sizes, 54 centimetres and 7 kilos in only 9 weeks! Now that is progress!
If you are considering a 12 week package, now is the time to contact Living Beauty. The 12 week shape up for life program really works and I am excited to share some client success stories!

Toula has lost 7 kilos in 9 weeks, but most importantly she feels energetic and light with a new radiance. A total of 54 centimetres has been dropped from her body (including 17cm from her waist!).

Testimonial from Toula :

I am feeling lighter every week, it really is an amazing feeling!

The meals are fantastic! I’m just loving everything so far, each week feels more amazing. I shared the one of the meals with my sister tonight & she loved it saying “this doesn’t taste like diet food”, the meals speak for themselves 🙂 as you say, it really is a life style choice & I’m truly enjoying the discovery on my journey thus far. I just had to share my delight with you!

Testimonial from Michelle:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the 12 week program Amelia and Gemma have delivered and the lifestyle changes that I have achieved have been enormous. For me, this program was about improvement in overall wellbeing and energy levels, I feel fitter, stronger and brighter than I have in years. I look forward to maintaining the good habits I have learnt.”

When we say we only work with a small number of clients and it is a boutique service, it really is true. We don’t use automated emails, we are old fashioned and every email and preparation really is tailored and there is nothing off the shelf about what we do. It is all done from scratch and with love! That’s why despite the demand out there we will never compromise service to our clients by taking on more than our small quota to be able to truly work in a personalised manner with each and every client.

For prices for the 12 weeks click here, and if you are serious about getting started and feeling amazing email amelia@livingbeauty.com.au


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Beetroot and Coconut Muffins: Snack recipe on the Living Beauty program!

so stay tuned and these blogs will also be updated regularly which is my way of helping everyone as best I can with my time available.

In the coming weeks my attention turns to judging the ANB Bodybuilding competition, attending the WNBF competition, Judging the INBA competition, and finally attending the NABBA Competition. These are the different bodybuilding federations which give every day people the chance to compete and achieve new athletic goals!

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Love and Light

Amelia x o

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