Crunch Time for Amelia & Living Beauty Vanessa – Success at the All Females!

Tomorrow is crunch time as I return for day 1 of early morning winter training. From some great training sessions during the day in sunny Queensland and prior to that Melbourne whilst there for the All Female Muscle Classic. It is cold, dark, freezing and I am waking up at 5:30am for the gym, this is the tough stuff and I love it! I practise what I preach, competitions or not and I am always up for a challenge, tomorrow is going to hurt that’s for sure!

This year I have helped one of the Living Beauty girls Vanessa Harwood achieve her dream to step on stage. And at the same time I have continued in my role as a judge for the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association).  I really enjoy giving back to the bodybuilding community. This is a voluntary role and I take it very seriously having competed for many years and with the understanding that with all the hard work each athlete puts in, each person deserves a thorough analysis of their physique and fair judging.

Vanessa Harwood is a mother of two and one of the best examples of a woman with determination and desire to succeed. Living Beauty coaches Amelia and Gemma gave Vanessa the tools she needed to train smarter and nutrition knowledge tailored to her preferences to provide fuel and step on stage with confidence. Here is what Vanessa said about her experience:

Vanessa Harwood

From a life time of struggles to try and maintain a weight I was happy with and not limit my diet restrictions so much that I became bored with my choices therefore failing in my attempt to stay slim, to opening up a world of healthy, nutritious and delicious options that leave me feeling satisfied and light.

I have learned so much with Living Beauty (32 weeks ) not just how and what to eat  but how to train smarter , no more running myself into the ground with countless group aerobic classes, sometimes twice a day , to try and  lose weight. No more running!! Yay to that! People used to say to me “oh , do you like running ?” and I would always say , ” I run because I have to , not because I want to “.  Now I know I don’t have to run to keep fit and maintain my weight.

Thank you for having the faith in me to make it on stage for my first competition . I’ve had a life-long admiration for these women who make it to stage and magazines. I still can’t believe I did it  and find myself going back over my photos time and time again to remind myself of how far I’ve come. Thank you for calming me and having faith in me. Thank you for all your positive and encouraging words in your emails.

Learning all that I have  is something I have for life , I can pass it on to my children , I know how to do it now , I know that it is a life style  and that consistency is key . I have learned that living light gives you more energy, a clearer head and a happier mind set. I have never felt so alive, happy and smile all the time, I am really enjoying life.

So, Thankyou  Thankyou Thankyou !!!

Getting on stage was the ultimate ending to an awesome ride. I have never felt so alive!  I didn’t want the day to end, I had the time of my life. I have had nothing but positive remarks about how well I did and looked.

One of the best days of my life!

Vanessa Harwood

If you are considering competing in 2013, now is the time to contact Living Beauty. When I say I only work with a small number of clients and it is a boutique service, it really is true. I have most girls doing two or three packages with me so a lot of my work is repeat business. I don’t use automated emails, in this regard Living Beauty is old fashioned and every email and preparation really is tailored and there is nothing off the shelf about what we do. It is all done from scratch and with love! That’s why despite the demand out there we will never compromise service to our clients by taking on more than out quota to be able to truly work in a personalised manner with each and every client.

I will be posting daily health and fitness tips on my facebook page – click here to see my page so stay tuned and these blogs will also be updated regularly which is my way of helping everyone as best I can with my time available.

For more photos of the All Female Muscle Classic starting with a great pic of me with Oxygen editor Lindy Olsen Click here!

I have also uploaded my latest Oxygen Magazine article to my web site in pdf for you to read, please click here to find out about the reality of Sports Modelling!

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Love and Light

Amelia x o

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