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My great grandmother lived to 105 years of age. She was amazing, both well educated and a very well traveled lady. She practised yoga, walked for fitness and drank 8 glasses of water each day. As her memory became hazy, she would repeat herself a lot, which is why I can very clearly remember these things that she did. During her time, it was unheard of to walk daily, let alone do yoga and therefore she was a woman who was very ahead of her time.

Life can be very overwhelming and just like you, I need to prioritise my time and constantly re-assess priorities. This is the modern life we all lead and the internet has just complicated it even further, because we all spend a vast majority of time on it. When prioritising my time, I try to think about what I will value when I am my great grandma’s age.

What will I value and remember?

I know I will value relationships and experiences. I won’t value how much money I have made, how large my social media audience for Living Beauty was or any accolades I have won in my marketing career.

My greatest memories might include:

  • how I felt each time I stepped on stage for a fitness competition knowing I had implemented a great training and nutrition program and practised my posing
  • how it felt when my Living Beauty clients stepped on stage for the first time and I felt my stomach churn because I was nervous for them or when they won their show and I felt so happy I could cry
  • on a personal, level feelings like getting married, celebrating a milestone or success with a loved one
  • helping a friend or family member with grief, illness and supporting them through this
  • helping a young person get a start in their chosen career by giving them some opportunities or work experience
  • achieving academically and my graduation ceremony to celebrate attaining my Masters Degree after spending 4 years writing about how advertising works and investigating internet advertising and the frustration having to re-write this book several times over

 But quite possibly the best feelings ever will be the simplest things:

  • Walking with a friend on the beach and laughing
  • Appreciating the beauty of nature
  • Enjoying a lovely casual meal with my family

Whenever I am planning something new, for example a new goal, I ask myself:

“What is Important to me?” and “Why am I doing it?”

So let’s talk about “comp prep”.

COMPETITIONS: Where to start

Identify the reasons WHY you want to compete

My reasons have been:

  • To compete against my own best and try to improve myself physically
  • To strengthen myself mentally and commit to seeing something through from start to finish
  • To learn to use the power of positive thinking and how this mind tool can transfer from athletic pursuit to any other area of my life such as relationships, philanthropy and career to make me a better person

Your reason to compete should include: You are already fit and have been training consistently. You already eat well but you want to take it to the next level and are willing to change what you are currently doing and learn.

The best is yet to come

  • In case you missed the memo, you actually need to do resistance training and have muscle
  • Please don’t ask to commence a comp prep if you have never lifted weights or have not exercised consistently for years (in this case you would start slowly maybe with a beginners shape up program and then see if competitions are for you down the track.)
  • It takes years to practise something – you cannot learn to play the piano or drive a car “quickly” you have to practise, learn and improve. Same with weight training, perfecting technique – takes a lot of work/practise
  • On a positive note you get better with training age – the best is yet to come

A Living Beauty competition preparation means safety first

  • a complete review of your medical history including any past injuries, surgeries and medical conditions, may need letters from doctor, physiotherapist to clear you to commence.
  • working with your medical practitioner. Many of my girls show their training plan to their physio and their meal plan to their qualified medical practitioner. I also speak to the doctor or physio on the phone (with permission) to fully understand the condition of the person I am working with.

See three coaches – kind of like getting three quotes

  • Do you connect?
  • Are they qualified?
  • Are they right for you?
  • Ask people who have competed with them and have been healthy a few years after the competition about their experience with that coach.

See previous note regarding how to choose a coach – Click here

Avoid Post Purchase regret

  • Once you have signed up (after lengthy research) follow what that coach tells you and don’t trawl your facebook feed or the internet for the easy answers
  • there are no secrets
  • it is not easy, you actually have to work for it
  • for example: stupidity lies in purchasing a flat screen TV after lengthy research then you bring it home and start doing internet searching to find a better deal or another TV and “see what’s out there” – this will of course lead to you feeling bad about the TV your have bought
  • unfortunately with comp prep we are working with your body (not a TV) and it takes a long time to fix it if you make a bad purchase decision – do your research but then TRUST that person and actually follow what they say.

Social Media and the Internet

My web site was made live before I joined facebook. It was a collection of photos from my photo shoots, competition photos and some fitness tips. It sold nothing, it just asked people to email me if they were interested in attending my fitness classes or yoga classes.

The web site you see now is round two, the second version of It offers tailored on line personal training but on a small scale and I don’t train large volumes of people. I care for a small numbers of girls and coach them generally for years at a time. I think this is because my clients see the value in my experience and qualifications. There are not many people in the fitness industry who can say they are continuously accredited since 1997.

When I had my own yoga school and was a group fitness manager at health clubs I used to write a newsletter with fact sheets and distribute photocopies of these to the people in my class. How times have changed – everything now is digital.

I don’t care who is charging money for their blogs, who is abusing another person about their views with hundreds of comments on a thread. I don’t care to read or take on board the opinions of unqualified people confidently promoting their views as fact.

So many girls seem to get distracted, depressed, confused and disheartened by facebook and social media – it seems to have so many negatives that most of the time I recommend girls de-activate their page at least in the final weeks before a competition. They have me face to face for posing classes and they have us on email for support. Your real friends have your phone number and can call you to catch up or you see them face to face anyway.

If you feel negative after using social media:

  • Hide or de-friend person, switch it off, unlike their page
  • Remind yourself Facebook is not the real world
  • Beware of those who have an agenda
  • Everyone is selling something and some rely on a simply numbers game, if they post regularly enough – using scare tactics and frequency, you will buy their product

Off the shelf templates, tips on how to compete that you have to pay for and you are no closer to understanding the real process takes time, the fact is it takes dedication and a lot of learning over the years to compete successfully and most fitness models take a few years to develop their look and their image. People in the industry look for integrity not a one minute wonder.

No one can travel the path for you, they can guide you, but ultimately the work in the gym must be done, the food preparation has to happen and you need a support group around you to make you feel happy and enjoy the process.

Get back to real life


  • friends, family, work colleagues – real people – face to face interaction


  • exciting, exhilarating, relaxing, beauty of nature, fun people, gorgeous children, funny pets – real stuff!

Do you need a holiday? Need to get back to nature and switch off from the digital world.

I know when I go on holiday I ban facebook and switch off from email and ask a trusted friend to look after that side of things for me. Otherwise I am never truly present in the moment if I am too busy interacting on social media. I am not saying I am perfect but these are a few things that have helped me and I hope they help you.

The Wrap Up

  • Living Beauty Mission: To educate and inspire women to achieve their best body ever
  • From the inside out
  • Doing it with love

One thing is for sure I will not charge money for you to read my blogs. I will try to post monthly and write about things that may help you. I won’t post with a hidden agenda to simply promote my ideas or products. I will try to guide you to find your own path to live a healthy and rewarding life.

The next blog will be focused on nutrition so stay tuned for that one and until then, live simply, give to others, fill your life with love.

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Love and Light


Amelia x o

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