Busting Fitness Myths

Living Beauty Fitness Myths.  In January it is prime time for every magazine to give diet and training plans. But the problem is they often contradict. It might say train your abs only once a week and two pages later in the same mag say once once a week! My answer to this dilemma is that you must find what works for you, and then make sure you change your training approach regularly to keep shocking your body! Here are some myths I have read lately:

 1. All sugar is bad – I agree the fact that white refined sugar is bad as it is so over processed that the body cannot recognise it and it has no nutritional value. However if you use a little Rapadura sugar in a recipe this will have no ill health effects. Rapadura is no- refined and can be purchased on line or from health food stores.

2. Carbs are bad – White refined carbs like white bread and pasta have little nutritional value, instead I suggest brown rice, sweet potato, dense rye bread, and if your portions are controlled you will be fine to maintain a lean body.

3. Salt is bad – Too much salt is bad, and most commercially sold salt contains some harmful ingredients. I use Himalayan salt as it contains many trace minerals and is very beneficial to health.

4. Low intensity fasted cardio is the only way to decrease body fat – wrong! As long as you are eating clean any time you can fit in your cardio session will be fine. If you are on a low carb diet (for example for a competition) empty stomach walking may be most beneficial but if you are eating a wide range of foods then a high intensity cardio session can kick your body into action and lose fat fast!

5. You have to kill yourself in the gym to lose weight – Over training is the most common symptom I see when clients come to me to lose weight (body fat). Do not train 7 days a week, it is pointless! You can train 5 days a week (and rest for two days) or do a rotation i.e. 4 days training, one day off and this will enable your body to better recover and get results. If you refuse to stop over training it may lead to food cravings and injuries.

6. There is only one correct diet. This is just plain wrong as it may not be the meal plan but whether you are committed to sticking to it. It is better to be able to follow a sensible diet that only be able to do a crazy calorie restricted diet for a short time period and then put all the weight again!

Dispell these myths to all around you and you will be on track to being lean, happy and balanced!

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