Follow fact not fiction and get healthy now!

On your path to health you need to change and once you have the right advice (from a qualified professional) you need to do the right action which comes from DOING IT and CHANGING . No one can change you, no one can do it for you. You have the Power.

Other people can inspire you, but you must be your own hero. Love yourself for the positive actions you have taken to be better!

How can we as fitness professionals really help you make positive changes to achieve your goals? I believe we need to communicate a consistent and simple message:

  • Clean Eating
  • Hard Training
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Stay balanced with time for work but also fun with friends & family
  • Write down clear and measurable goals and stay focused on what you want
  • Practise the above for many consecutive days, weeks, months!

If you look on the internet there is a virtual army of green-juice-swilling, coconut cracking bloggers taking health into their own hands. These self -appointed gurus of all things good are commanding web sites devoted to creating the best version of you.

In my opinion it has to be simple and it must be a lifestyle. There is also no single approach, because everyone has a different body – food intolerances, different likes and dislikes, posture, muscle structure and let’s face it we must work with what we have got. I grew up always loving Elle MacPherson and her look, but she is very tall with long limbs and in contrast my body is curvy. I really appreciate what I have been given with my body and my health, but I do find that I need to remind the girls I train that they won’t look like some one else – they will be a better version of their own body.

This is where the dangers of blindly following a facebook page, on line forum or any one method that is not tailored or designed for you.

I do find it strange that some people provide direct advice on their facebook page to people when they dont even know their medical history, injuries or training background.

A lot of on line advice is the “blind leading the blind” and no one has bothered to back up their claims – so why they are qualified to give this advice? 

It is great to pick up “Health & Fitness Tips” on social media and the internet, however I encourage everyone to be aware of who and what advice they are following.

Just because someone has a million or more followers on twitter, facebook or instagram does not make them an expert.

With all the words thrown around for example “Master Trainer” “Head Coach” “Nutrition Expert” it is hard to know who to trust.


Amelia Ricci
Photo By Dallas Olsen
26 October, 2012

Coaches as Inspiration

Don’t get me wrong there are many great coaches and trainers out there – I just urge you to use someone with at least 5-10 years experience.


Be Wary – Always Question!

What I am saying is DO YOUR RESEARCH and be aware of what you are buying with your hard earned money – and always ask questions BEFORE you hand over any money.

If someone is offended or annoyed by you asking about their qualifications or experience then RUN!

And my favourite quote “If it sounds too good to be true….. it probably is!!”

National Qualifications

Did you know there are registration bodies such as Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia? These governing bodies basically quantify an individuals qualifications and experience.


Before paying any money, check out when a trainer was first qualified (i.e. what year) and ask:

What qualifications do you have?

How long have you continuously been accredited for?

Many of my credentials are displayed on my web site and I have been continuously accredited for 20 years.

My Pearls of Wisdom!

Try not to over think your food – I LOVE good food and trying new recipes but just as important is my training technique, intensity and periodisation of my training program, which of course includes rest.

And, at the end of the day, fun with friends and family is paramount and what life is all about!

And, if you are becoming a social media addict seeking your next “hit” of information that will change your life  – it won’t happen – you already have the answers within you and you just need to do the required positive actions daily!

So get out there, do your research, read and inform yourself but always anchor the knowledge with checking on the qualifications and experience of the person making these claims!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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