Another Great Week for Living Beauty

Patricia, make up artist Mary, Sasha & Leah

Amelia Ricci in Oxygen Magazine October 2011
I am featured in the light weight & living beauty ad this month from my July 2011 shoot with Mariya Mova


After judging yesterday’s INBA (international natural bodybuilding association) show in Adelaide I know why I love this industry. It is my passion, my enjoyment, the way I like spending my time. There were some amazing bodies up on stage. There is a real sense of community, a group of people uniting in their common interest.

When judging we are looking at symmetry, muscularity, percentage body fat and an overall balanced physique. There was some amazing muscle striation in the overall men’s winners glutes, great separation in the quads of many of the males and the female figure competitors had some crazy definition on their back muscles. The overall female winner had great abs and spot on condition. The Sports Model division was an excellent quality line up with all girls presenting a beautiful look on stage. Such high quality from all competitors was great to see for this growing sport.

Bodybuilding and sports model preparation can be a lonely sport but Living Beauty trains our girls with a sense of team spirit and friendship. No money in the world could replace the feeling of being part of a team.

I am really happy with the quality of Living Beauty athletes this season so stay tuned for more great results. It is also a pleasure to train mum’s and brides to be and a number of these girls have been achieving great results. I will be posting some new photos onto the client gallery of the Living Beauty web site next week.
Until then have a great week.

Thank you Assistant Coach Gemma with Rikki, Helen and Leah the gorgeous promotions girls









Love and Light

Amelia x o

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