Amelia’s Top 3 Tips for Body Confidence

Have you ever noticed that you can be your own worst enemy? Sometimes it is hard to think positive thoughts, but this is where the magic happens on your body transformation journey.

If you really listen to what is going on, you CAN let your good voice take over and be well on your way to body confidence!

Early in my fitness career I struggled with body confidence. My mind used to run wild with thoughts and churn over my bad points, but I started to realise this was a negative cycle that needed to be broken! I gave myself a good talking to and put things in perspective and this is how I did it.

When we look around at the REAL challenges around the world and important world issues – it seems CRAZY to be so inwardly focused and care so much about how we look, or how we want to look. Thoughts like this are wasted energy!

Our mind is a powerful tool and can make or break’s some examples:

Example 1

Good Voice: I just did the best 60 mins of cardio and am exhilarated!

Bad voice: You still have fat on your thighs.

Good voice: It will come off soon, just keep going!

Bad voice: It is going to take ages, why bother.

Good voice: Just do the action and the result will follow.

Example 2

Good voice: I am off to the gym to lift some weights and then to the grocery story to stock up on clean foods.

Bad voice: You are so tired why bother, just go home onto the sofa.

Good voice: But the gym is actually great time out and is fun when I get there.

Bad voice: Why bother it’s too much effort.

Good voice: Just drive there and do it, you’ll be glad you did.

Amelia’s top 3 tips for body confidence

  1. Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively about yourself and REPLACE every negative thought with a positive one.
  2. BALANCE INWARD and OUTWARD focus. Realise that being too inwardly focused will mean you miss out on so many amazing things in life. Look around you and be grateful for the wonderful things you do have in your life.
  3. FOCUS ON HOW YOU FEEL. Living a healthy lifestyle will make you FEEL energetic, have great digestion, sleep better and improve your moods – there are so many positives that reach far beyond how you look.

Get rid of the bad voice and kick it to the kerb!!


Post Baby Transformation: Without self belief I would never have been able to fit into my clothes again. I just took small steps daily and wore bigger clothes until one day I could fit into my regular clothes again.

Great feedback from clients of Amelia’s – 4 week Bikini Body eBook

Nicole Sumracki

Nicole Sumracki, co-owner Nutrition Republic, PhD in Medicine

What I really like about Amelia’s My Bikini Body, is her overall approach to health and wellness, with particular emphasis on mindset and how this is really the key to ultimate health and wellness.

Before Amelia even begins to demonstrate her fitness and dietary plan, she covers all bases, with easy to understand tips on nutrition, mindset, how to establish a weekly routine and how to stay motivated. I believe that covering these bases first, is key to establishing a lifelong healthy approach to staying fit and active.

I particularly like how all exercises can be done at home, making it easier to incorporate fitness into your everyday life.

Amelia’s book wraps it up really well with useful success tips to make sure you feel empowered and confident in making your recent lifestyle changes life long changes.

Nicole Sumracki, co-owner Nutrition Republic, PhD in Medicine.

Delicious breakfast options at Nutrition Republic, Adelaide.

Delicious breakfast options at Nutrition Republic, Adelaide.

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Kate Abraham, Owner Keito Events and Marathon runner.

Kate Abraham, Owner Keito Events and Marathon runner.

Amelia’s eBook has been an amazing kick-start to a much healthier approach to eating and my overall wellbeing over the past 4 weeks. Her simple and highly effective tips and advice have made such a big difference to my energy levels.

Having a young child, running a business, fitting in exercise, socialising and seeing my family is a big juggle and I need to feel my best to get through a busy week.

Amelia’s advice for rest and recovery, her delicious and easy to make recipes and her general advice on topics such as hydration and planning/organising the week have made a big difference to my health in just a few weeks of following her guide.

I will certainly be continuing to follow her meal plans and exercise guidelines as I know how much of a difference it makes to the way I feel. Her approach is clear, effective, achievable and enjoyable. Very happy that I decided to try her guide.

Kate Abraham, Director Nourish Festival and Keito Events, Adelaide.

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Amelia x o

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