Amelia writes for Australian Oxygen Magazine

I am excited to announce that my article “Smoke, Mirrors and Muscles” has been featured in the current edition of the Australian Oxygen Magazine.

This article describes the reality of being a FITNESS MODEL.

We all look AVERAGE until we glam up with hair and make up and get ready with the finishing touches for a photo shoot or competition.

Here is a photo from the All Female Muscle Classic – it was this time last year! How time flies!

This weekend I head over to the same competition and this time will be judging.

I always take the role of judging very seriously as I know how much hard work goes in!

Feel free to look back over my blogs for recipes to keep you nourished this winter and avoid putting on any cushioning, you will be glad you ate clean in about 12 weeks from now!!

I was also reminded last night that the biggest struggle in winter is actually the drive to the gym. Once you get there you will do a great work out! This winter dont be put off by FREEZING weather, exercise is a great way to warm up and why not follow your session with a sauna!

Stay tuned to my facebook page for updates over the weekend!

Have a great weekend.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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