5 Ways to Conquer Winter Health & Fitness!

Have you ever had excruciating muscle pain after an intense workout? I am super excited to be able to provide you with some tips to alleviate muscle soreness and get you moving again, with my NEW article published in the current Ultra Fitness Magazine “Diminishing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)”.

Click here to read the PDF – and gain insight into all my tips.

Ultra Fitness July/August 2014 Featuring article by Amelia Ricci

Ultra Fitness July/August 2014
Featuring article by Amelia Ricci

Article Written by Amelia Ricci - to Read my Tips on How to Overcome DOMS - grab your copy now from newsagents

Article Written by Amelia Ricci.  Tips on How to Overcome DOMS – grab your copy now from newsagents

Winter can sabotage even the most committed fitness model or health enthusiast!

Let’s face it, it’s cold outside and early morning starts can be a killer. For me, it comes down to focusing on my goals and using my discipline to get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off, so I can get moving before thinking of 100 reasons why not!

Here are Amelia Ricci’s top 5 tips to stay motivated and fit in winter!

1. As soon as you wake up, do something for YOU – A walk, yoga or weights session is amazing, but if you don’t have time, simply have a cup of hot water with fresh lemon, a few deep breaths and stretch. The day has started, opportunities are endless.

2. Do your most important task first before checking email. This will enable you to be time efficient and then you can leave work to get to the gym on time (if you did not go in the morning!)

3. Recognise the body wants to MOVE and you will get WARM when you workout! Even if you are a fitness model, bride-to-be or are following a body transformation goal, getting to the gym can be the hardest part. Do not over think, just go!

4. Finish your day in a calm and relaxed head space. Have an electronic shut down for 1 hour prior to your bed time and dim the lights. Drink a relaxing herbal tea (e.g. Chamomile). A good sleep will give you energy and vitality for the next day of work and training. My tip is to read a positive affirmation right before you go to bed – keep a little book of them next to your bed – or a set of cards holding affirmations. A positive head space is like having your own internal cheer squad encouraging you to get things done.

5. Be inspired by others who also love health and fitness! Read the stories of the Living Beauty Fitness Models and Bikini Model (see below).

Jo, Busy Executive, Wife and Fitness Model, Adelaide

Jo - Living Beauty Fitness Model

Jo – Living Beauty Fitness Model

“I have always struggled with my weight and toyed around with different diets and training regimes” – always yo-yoing with my weight.

I made the decision to change my lifestyle and focus on a new goal – compete in September 2014 – and was fascinated by the Living Beauty Fitness belief systems.

Over the last 10 weeks of my 20 week program with Amelia’s guidance, I am already the healthiest I have ever felt and leanest I have ever been!  I never feel deprived or need to use stimulants (fat burners) or consume a vast variety of vitamin supplements, as I am getting all the nutrients I need through wholesome food.

I have so much more energy, am mentally clearer and stronger, learned patience, happier and feel more confident, all whilst working towards achieving my goal.  The training has also been fantastic as there is no extensive cardio – just a lot of hard work.

Take home message: Don’t over train with cardio if you want to change the shape of your body. Have a training plan tailored to you and FOCUS. More Training tips here.

Vanessa, Fitness Model, Adelaide
Full time Police, and part time Army


Vanessa, Living Beauty Fitness & Bikini Model

“Choosing to train under Living Beauty has been one of the best moves towards improving my health I have made. Amelia and Gemma have taught me so much about healthy living.

Their combined extensive knowledge within this industry has been invaluable and it’s something that will stay with me for life. The support and organisation provided during my competition preparation was amazing. All aspects of getting ready for my big day were covered, from advice on bikinis, jewellery, tanning, beauty tips and posing.

The meal plans were regularly updated and always exciting with a huge variety of foods. I was eating more food than I ever have each day and was never hungry. In fact, in the beginning I struggled to eat so much food.

I feel my energy levels increasing and I feel more alert each day.

I have learned so much within myself along the way and what can really be achieved with strength and determination. I couldn’t have asked for better trainers that truly care for my best health and well being. I cannot wait to continue working with Living Beauty Fitness for future competitions, a stronger body and healthier lifestyle.”

Take home message: Don’t eat the same boring foods all year round. Find a meal plan that has plenty of options and if you are on a Personal Training Package the meal plan should change regularly and have exciting recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied.

Elle, Living Beauty Fitness and Bikini Model, Adelaide
Full time Rehabilitation Consultant
INBA Bikini Champion 2013, ANB Fitness Model 2014

Elle at Adelaide Fitness Expo, ANB competition

Elle at Adelaide Fitness Expo, ANB competition

Living Beauty takes a wholistic approach to health and wellness and Amelia never sacrifices the health of us girls. We are given training and meal plans specifically tailored to each of us – because there is no one size fits all for everyone.

The training is fun and updated regularly and the food is healthy, fun, we get variety and all the nutrients we need. We don’t diet and exercise… We are athletes… We eat clean and train mean.

Amelia spends a lot of time studying health and fitness (specifically for women) to give us the most updated plans and educate us as well. The support we are given is amazing and she monitors our health every step of the way. We are all about long term healthy, vitality and it is a life style.

I have been training with Living Beauty for over 2 years now and continue to grow and learn as an athlete… I’ve loved every step of the way … And love my LB family.

Because of Amelia’s approach I will be able to continue my fitness journey and competing for years to come. Thank you girls for your support and constant inspiration. Very proud to be a part of the Living Beauty team. Doing it with love.”

Take home message: Stay consistent, be patient, results take time. You need to overcome bad habits and establish new habits if you want to be Fit and Healthy Forever!

Remember – if in doubt about exercising – just do it!

Next Issue, meet our fit and healthy bride-to-be Maddy, and I will give you more FREE Fitness Model Recipes, suitable for everyone who loves healthy eating!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

Amelia and Gemma Coaches at Living Beauty

Amelia and Gemma
Coaches at Living Beauty

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