5 things I’d tell my younger self

Do you need to stop criticising yourself and get motivated again? Read the 5 things I’d tell my younger self including why you get better results NOT exercising every day and why YOU SHOULD indulge in Gelati, chocolate, pizza and other yummy foods you love!!

Latest image teaching fitness to a great group of ladies at the Lorna Jane Warehouse sale

Teaching fitness to a great group of ladies at the Lorna Jane Warehouse sale earlier this month

5 things I’d tell my younger self

1) You will get better results if you don’t exercise every day

By exercising at high intensity EVERY DAY you stress your body. It’s far better to have one day on followed by one day off to balance your body. Try yoga or walking and you will get better results as your muscles repair and grow (tone up) at rest, and also rest is also essential for women’s healthy hormones.

2) It’s okay to lose motivation.

Here’s a secret: sometimes I procrastinate before working out and have even sat in the car for 15 mins outside the gym, or worse turned the car around and gone back home! As long as you recognise no one is perfect, you will get over bad days fast and stay on track to achieve your health and fitness goals.

3) Don’t be a slave to perfection.

A workout missed is not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to move! Consistency over years and months is key, and the more you can build resilience to life’s challenges the better your long term health actions will be.

4) Never worry about stretch marks or other imperfections you may have.

If I worried about every little bump, stretch mark or scar, I would never feel good about myself! And in fact I am a 2 x bikini model champion with the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding) and a multiple times published fitness model. Put on a fake tan, wear clothes that suit your body and take 5 minutes a day to make yourself look presentable. Looking good leads to feeling good and this will show in your interactions with other people.
5) The more you stress over eating junk the more you eat

We have all done it before, eat one piece of chocolate, and then devour the block! Or have one slice of pizza and eat way too much! If you constantly stress yourself out over what you are eating you will never stop thinking about food and this is a fast way to blow out. Relax and think about an abundance of healthy food filling your plate and your cravings will disappear. Watch my NEVER DIET AGAIN video here.


Latest News

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During April I traveled to Melbourne to compete in the Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza.

I achieved second place among women who were up to 20 years younger than me!

Even if you’re a busy person with work, family & household responsibilities you can make health and fitness a priority.

Get off the Diet Bandwagon Forever!

I am committed to helping others achieve fitness and wellness goals.

I received the following email: ” I still cannot believe that you look like you do & eat beautiful food !! I can only see 2 hours of exercise a day & chicken & broccoli to get there!!!!”

I can assure you I have limited time to exercise and follow a balanced nutrition approach (including chocolate and gelati in moderation) and I am NOT genetically slim. If you need help and want to get off the diet bandwagon contact me amelia@livingbeauty.com.au

Teaching Fitness & Yoga at Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale, April 3rd, 2016

Teaching Fitness & Yoga at Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale, April 3rd, 2016


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