5 Shocking Fitness Myths You Need to Know

Dispel these myths and you will be on track to being
lean, happy and balanced!

Amelia Ricci Bikini Body Expert helping women achieve their best body!

  1. Carbs are bad. White refined carbs like white bread and pasta have little nutritional value, however my experience shows that carbohydrates are a healthy addition to your health and fitness lifestyle. I suggest brown rice, sweet potato, dense rye bread, and if your portions are matched to your goals, you will achieve a lean body.

    Dinner meal including sweet potato

    Dinner meal including sweet potato

  2. Diet foods are a good way to lose weight. Products such as ‘diet’ yoghurt, cordial, museli bars and soft drinks are loaded with chemicals and empty calories. You are better off eating or drinking the non-diet version of the food and treating yourself occasionally, rather than filling up on diet foods on a daily basis. Diet foods and drinks are not only harmful due to their additives, but quite often they don’t leave you feeling satisfied, so you can easily eat above your calorie needs.
Diet foods - avoid them!

Diet foods – avoid them!

  1. Fasted cardio is the only way to decrease body fat. As long as you are committed to get it done, any time you can fit in your cardio session will be fine. If you give 100% effort during a high intensity cardio session you can kick your body into action and lose fat at any time of the day. And, if you prefer a lower intensity option, for example walking, you simply need to do it for a longer duration.
  2. You have to kill yourself in the gym to lose weight. Over training is the most common symptom I see when clients come to me to lose weight (body fat). You can train at home as little as 30-45 minutes each day with one day off each week and this will give you great results. Training excessively is not necessary because it may lead to food cravings and/or injuries.
Effective workouts 1) do not have to be done at the gym 2) can last as little as 30 minutes

Effective workouts 1) do not have to be done at the gym         2) can last as little as 30 minutes

  1. There is only one way to diet. This is just plain wrong as it may not be the dietary regime or meal plan, but whether you are committed to sticking to it. It is better to be able to follow a sensible meal plan – rather than undertake a crazy calorie or food group restricted diet for a short time period and then put all the weight back on! Strategies like eating in moderation and drinking adequate water are much more realistic and sustainable for the long term.

Fitness Tip: Drink lots of water.  I love to flavour my water with berries and lime – yum!

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