5 Diet Demons you thought were healthy!

Healthy eating can be confusing, with new diet products promising the magic secret to weight loss. In this blog I give you my top 5 diet demons for women that you thought were healthy. By eliminating or reducing these foods you will shift those stubborn last few kilos.

5 Diet Demons for Women

Amelia Ricci

Amelia Ricci

  1. Low Fat or Diet Products

These are loaded with hidden chemicals, sugar, salt and fillers. Diet and low fat products usually include common stomach irritants such as inulin and flavour enhancers. Skip them and opt for the full fat version instead.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are nutrient dense and delicious but watch for calorie overload because when they include coconut oil, ground nuts, protein powder, over ripe fruit and medjool dates – this can be a meal in itself. ALWAYS opt for the small size, not the large or you could be consuming a meal sized calorie intake in just one drink! And, try not to have a protein smoothie in addition to a large meal, as you may be supersizing your calorie intake.

3. Nuts

Nuts are healthy but watch your portions sizes as just 100 grams of nuts is approximately 600 calories and that’s way too much!

4. Acai Bowls with Fruit & Granola

The beautiful looking bowls are popular but with all the honey, dried fruit, fresh fruit and granola they add up to a huge meal. If you enjoy these have them as a treat and share with a friend.

5. Coffee

One or two cups a day before lunch is fine but too much coffee will affect your ability to sleep deeply which is a major key to rejuvenating the body and fat loss.

Pro Bikini Model Success

Recently we have had incredible results from Adelaide fitness competitions and Tegan Olsen became a Bikini Model Professional. As a result of her win she has the opportunity to compete as a Pro in Orlando Florida, USA!

Adelaide Bikini Model Coach

watch the video of the exhilarating moment that Tegan receives her pro card here

We have worked not just on training and nutrition, but also on stage presence, posing and refining Tegan’s look with the right hair, make up and tan. She also had a beautiful bikini in silver mosaic crystals which was a real show stopper.

At 176cm tall and had beautiful poise and grace on stage. Her body is long and lean with great tone and curves. At 26 years of age she has a long and exciting career ahead of her.

At Living Beauty it is not just a competition, it is a lifetime of wellness that is important.

We spend a great deal of time mentoring our clients during comp prep about balancing life, and the post competition plan is also our key focus.

Shape Up for Life Success

We also enjoy training ladies for health on our Shape Up for Life Program

Chantal Workout
Chantal Giannopoulos, Mother of 3

“For 3 years I’ve trained on and off at gyms doing squats, lunges and ab workouts BUT NEVER before have I been trained the way Amelia trains me!

You can do squats and lunges for years but without proper technique, mind to muscle and a PT who knows what she’s talking about, you won’t get solid results! Having Amelia as my PT is a definite highlight of my week!

I love how Amelia teaches technique and doesn’t just count reps but rather reminds me when to breathe, what muscle to switch on and correct posture to avoid injury. Amelia’s famous quote “Mind to Muscle” I get this now!

My favourite recipe on the Living Beauty 20 week program is the vegetable frittata! Loaded with veggies and my favourite feta cheese!

The biggest change for me was I could eat three good choice carbs a day such as brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato. I always thought ‘carbs’ were bad and only had them twice a week before joining Living Beauty. How wrong was I!

I was very worried that I would constantly crave sugar, BUT I DON’T! My body is receiving all the nutrients it needs and my sugar cravings HAVE GONE!

I”m forever thankful that I found Living Beauty and Amelia Ricci.”

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Book Image

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan

Sample of Stretch and Workout plan


Amelia Ricci’s 4 week Bikini Body workout plan can be done at home and includes:

  • Upper Body Workout
  • Lower Body Workout
  • Abs and Leg Toning Workout
  • Stretching Routine

Get Fit Now

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  • Sent to you instantly in pdf format.
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4 week bikini body dinners

4 week bikini body meals

Amelia xx

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