5 Best Fitness Apps You’ll Love

Everyone has a busy life and it’s great to use technology to be more productive with your time. Keep a food diary, book into classes and stay accountable using these fitness apps and before you know it you’ll hit those fitness goals! Check out my 5 Best Fitness Apps to help your fitness journey:

  1. My Net Diary Pro. Educate yourself about food by looking at Protein, Carbs and Fat within specific foods. Whilst I do not advocate calorie counting, it can be useful to keep record of your daily intake for a short time period (1-2 weeks) so you can check out your starting point for calorie levels and your macro balance. For example you may be eating a good level of calories but way too many carbs, or too little protein.Just don’t rely on the measures of calories burned during exercise, as they are not very accurate. I recommend being cautious when falsely thinking you can eat more because you exercise!
  2. Instagram. With hashtags like #instafit #fitmum this really is an app I LOVE. Join me @livingbeautyamelia It is my fave way to stay in touch with everyone doing the #4weekbikinibody program and share success stories.
  3. Mind Body Express. This app is used by health studios and you can log in and book your classes on line. It reserves your place in class and that way you know for sure you will get into my booked out Pilates, Yoga and Abs/Butts classes. Download via the App Store and book here.
  4. You Tube. This is where I upload all my fitness videos via my You Tube Channel 4 week bikini body health and fitness. I demonstrate the correct exercise technique to help you and it is a great reference for a quick workout on holiday, or any time you need me to motivate you to workout!
  5. Camera Bag. This is my fave app for re-sizing photos and applying filters. Try it yourself – it is so simple and fun! Why not start photographing your fitness journey and tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Your Transformations

Antonella – 12 week shape up for life

12 week shape up for life

12 week shape up for life

FINAL front collage 16 weeks

Healthy body transformation with Living Beauty

“Normally I would throw in the towel and think what’s the use…..I’ve eaten a huge piece of cake!! But its not about that now, small gradual changes make the bigger picture. I have learned that perfection is not necessary and I feel more trim and toned than I have in years.”

“I started with Amelia’s 4 week bikini body program and then moved on to her Living Beauty program for a further 12 weeks. Has been a great 12 weeks with lots of ups and downs, sometimes wanting to give up but overall has been amazing. I feel fantastic for all the hard work!” – Antonella.

Monique – Pilates Classes for Pregnancy, Adelaide

Pilates Testimonial:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the time you took in your classes to alter them for me, you are such an amazing person and I love that you have so much passion in what you do. I have definitely become a lover of Pilates and can’t wait till I get the all clear after bubs is born to come back.”

As well as having 20 years experience as a Fitness Professional I am a fully qualified Pre and Post Natal Pilates Teacher. I also experienced first hand having to rehab my core muscles after an emergency caesarian and can identify with the various stages of pregnancy as I have been there!

Exercising is very important for you to do during pregnancy and Pilates is one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise during this time as it helps you to:
– Maintain your general fitness and strength – you will need it for the labour and also looking after your baby – carrying your baby and lifting prams takes a lot strength.
– Prevent stiffness, aches and pains, such as back and pelvic pain, keeping you more mobile
– Strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core abdominal muscles which help in your recovery post pregnancy.
– Improve your posture, which changes a lot throughout the pregnancy.

I teach Pilates class Saturday’s in Adelaide and have the option to attend class or work with me one on one for a private session.

Pilates for Pregnancy with Amelia in Adelaide. Happy Client Monique pictured above.

Pilates for Pregnancy with Amelia in Adelaide. Happy Client Monique pictured above at her baby shower.

If interested email amelia@livingbeauty.com.au

Face to Face Fitness with Amelia Ricci

Book now for my classes or Personal Training I would love to help you with your health & fitness goals.

Yoga GroupFREE Exercise Videos Watch now on Amelia’s NEW YouTube Channel

Capture5 Stretches to Do Every Day

As Featured on Sonia Styling

As Featured on Sonia Styling

“5 Stretches to do Every Day” as featured on Sonia Styling

I caught up with Sonia last week and we did a Pilates & Yoga session in the tranquil surrounds of nature.

If you feel tight, this easy sequence will only take 5 minutes and you will feel amazing!

Whilst you are there check out Sonia’s beautiful blog covering all things fashion, style and fun.

New Healthy Pineapple & Coconut Cake Recipe

Click here for the recipe

Amelia Ricci's Healthy Pineapple and Coconut Cake

Amelia Ricci’s Healthy Pineapple & Coconut Cake

Yours In Health & Wellness,

Amelia x o


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